I swear this has been the best weekend of my entire summer. I have been anticipating the 21st of August just so I could attend the Rumblers Car show under the Brooklyn Bridge and BOY it was so much FUN! I went with my mother and father, my dad knew everyone there because it is his scene. My father does Classic Car Restoration, has a Chevy Nova 68, and races at English town any chance he can get. His tranny is broken so it was a bummer that he couldn’t attend the show with his car but we still made the best of it. I love hanging out with my mom and it was cool to see her having fun too. All of the car guys were asking me if she was my sister lol. It was cool to see many of my friends there as well, I went to this rockabilly Rebel-Night the night before and met some people who were also at the show. The cars were GORGEOUS. The show was ten times bigger than last year and everyone had such a peaceful awesome time. It was great to see more of a rockabilly scene in my own hometown, many of the people there had traveled from all parts of the world just to see the show. I then realized I didn’t have to travel all the way to the west coast to get my fix of rockabilly culture, it’s here, it’s just small and hidden like treasure.

I went to the Car show in a Stop Staring army green dress from ENZ. I was trying to find a hat that matched but didn’t have enough time and wore my navy blue one with a matching belt. So I guess I was a army-navy-brat? Whatever, It worked and I was inspired by Jessica Rabbit when I did my hair. It was a good illusion pushing my bangs back to make it seem as though I had none.

Here are the millions of photos taken at the show. There were so many photographers, my inbox was full of pictures of me at the show. It was insane, but so much fun to meet great car guys and photogs. Everyone was super cool and sent me all of these wonderful pics.

[^Photos by: Mark Neil Wyche]

Most of the pictures in this post were taken by my Momma.

I love the color of this car, works well with my dress.

This was my favorite car out of all of them in the show. Mainly because I had so much fun with it and adore the owner Michael Greco. He let my mother and I play with his car and all of its accessories.

too much fun!


[photos by: Miguel Oliver]


Go momma go!

You look, I shoot!

[^Pictures by: Miguel Oliver]

That’s Mike! He was awesome!

My second favorite, the Indian.


[^Pictures by: Miguel Oliver]

The paint job on this car is incredible.

Me and Hot Rod Chris. He’s good friends with my dad.

I could paint the town red with this baby ❤

One of the best cars at the show.

SO cute!

Hot sex on a platter.

Look at the paint job on that Nova!

This photographer had me cracking up most of the time..he was so funny.

My dad and I.

My dad got me this shirt!

Awww Mom and Dad<3

Viva America?

Little Car!

These girls were so sweet!


His car was a BEAUTY.

Posing for more photogs there.

The Serino’s!

My good friend Cynthia! Always a pleasure to see her at these events!

Posing in front of the Atomic bomb with 2 guys from the Navy. 😉


My Momma expressing her temporary insanity.

My dad is building me a Roadster just like this one. 😀

Wven and I ❤

Looks like I need one of these.

Franny and I, girl can DANCE!

I changed throughout the day, it was too hot lol.

My cousin Miguel and my Momma. He’s a great photographer.

I love her!

Wven, me, and Joaquin.

Here are some more pictures and not nearly half of them. I received and took so many pictures that day, I didn’t know what to do with all of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looks like Cynthia and I made it to the NY post!

Here is a video I shot at the show.




  1. I have been waiting for this post all day.
    AHMAHGAH you look AMAZING!!!!! This is making me so so sad that I missed you! Hopefully we’ll meet soon 🙂

  2. Best Car Show Ever! Had such a great time with you Jasmin. I’m already looking forward to it next year.

  3. Mama V looks good in leopard! I’m so mad that I can’t see all the pics from my phone. I’ll have to hop on my laptop to view all the pix I couldn’t see.

    I’m glad you didn’t find a matching hat. That blue hat complements the olive army green nicely; so vibrant.

    I’m also happy that you’ve found rock-a-billy treasure in your area. I know you’re always wistful for the West Coast, but I know theres some Rock-a-billy love hidden all over your area. You’re a gem, and I know you’ll find and network with people just as fabulous as you are.

  4. The Rumblers site has nothing up from Saturday’s show (and with the ‘auto-music feature, not great for sending to people at work), but a quick search came right up with your fantastic post, maybe the nicest summary of the day for anyone who wasn’t there.
    When I got there to the southern (less crowded) part of the show, I saw you posing with some of the cars.
    As my friend Jimmy from New Jersey would say,you are one ‘baby-doll deluxe’.
    You look wonderful (and without a drop of ink).
    Thanks for posting all the great pics! Best wishes to you and your family!

  5. That army green is one SUMPTOUS ass color! hot damn Jasmin. Lol. My younger bro was peekin over to my screen while I viewed this post and asked who the classic lookin lady was. Stay up mujer, you’re bangin great shit out. 🙂

  6. The z-bars on that bike are so sexy.

    Also HotRod Chris is …hot.

    You look AMAZING. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I hate that there aren’t more of these things on the east coast. I am deprived of this kind of creativity. Boo!

  7. Ms. Jasmine, I must say your hair is AMAZING!!! I read your blogs religiously and everytime I see pictures of you, I can’t get over how gorgeous your hair looks. Any secrets you can divulge?

    • THANK YOU!!!! 😀 I dont really have secrets doll, I wash it maybe 2 times a week and I dont put too many products in it. Condition your ends and not your scalp so you wont have oily hair, thats what I do. XOXO

  8. jas
    absolutly beuatiful
    hey just an update i didn’t forget you i forwarded your info and link to my friend overseas today !
    tell mom we said hi
    who loves ya’s
    philkly & tony bagofdonuts does

  9. You gave Rihanna’s “Hard” video a run for their money, Great shots! And great choice going with the navy blue hat

  10. You Dad seems like a cool dude, wish my Father was around so I can share my love for cars with him aswell.. 😦

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  12. Jaw agape and heart a flutter. You are mesmerizing dear and what a car show. You’re hair pulled back under the hat really looked great as well, like others have said. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures soon!

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