Vintage Finds: August Goodies!

[Leopard romper via Ebay]

Hello readers! Sorry for the delay, the past few weeks have been a blessing and a curse! I have been so busy working and attending events but it has kept me away from! Anyway, I am back and have so much to show you guys within the next few days! First things first, check out some of my goodies I have purchased this month. Some of these items are Ebay purchases, I think I have become slightly addicted to shopping via online. It is probably because any time that I have to myself to shop, I am home asleep catching as much Z’s as I can. Also….I LOVE getting packages lol. I found lots of treasure this month- check it out!

I love this leopard jumper for many reasons. 1. It has harem pants can wear it 2 ways 3.its leopard. Check it out below as pants!

I love versatile apparel! Looks good with the belt I bought in SF!

Love Love Loveee this jumper. As most of you already know, I am currently addicted to African/Safari like clothing. Anything that can make me look like a 1950s safari queen and I am all for it.

The reason why it is paired with a pink belt is because the pleats in the sleeves are actually pink. This pic does the pink no justice lol. This jumper is vintage btw.

A girl I was styling actually picked up this dress and told me I should try it on, great suggestion girl! I love the color and it fits me perfectly! It’s from the 50s for sure!

This dress is by Cache, I love the colors and the texture of the fabric. It’s just a comfortable yet sexy silky dress, perfect for a night out on the town.

This is my favorite. A 1940’s brocade dress, I absolutely died when I won the bid on this baby. I cannot wait to wear this out, the color is beautiful and the fit is great.

This jumper is by Twenty8Twelve, I tried it on and almost everyone at the shop told me that if I didn’t buy it I was crazy lol. I loved it anyway lol! Just throw it in the bag!

I’m obsessed with jumpers. obviously.

This is a great vintage dress I got on sale at a local vintage shop. It is in such great condition and It fits and looks so perfect on. I absolutely love it, I just have to buy a slip to go underneath as it is a bit see-through lol.

This dress was also on sale and what caught my eye was the detail in the belt and shoulders. It is a perfect navy blue dress perfect as a sailor outfit with red shoes and red lipstick.

I needed a new hat…..So I bought one. L.O.V.E

This purse is perfect for my new ipad, it fits everything. I also love that it has a brown marble pattern to it. It was love at first sight when I saw it. My brief case of choice.

I CANT WAIT to wear this hat, it is soooooo sexy! I got this baby on EBAY!

The reason why I bought this scarf is pretty obvious. “She who dies with the most shoes wins!”. Perfect for a shoe-a-holic.

Thats it for now folks! Stay tuned for more.


15 Comments on “Vintage Finds: August Goodies!

  1. Hi! Such great finds! Love your style! Could you please do a tutorial of how your styled your hair in the first photos of this post? That would be so great! Thanks.

  2. Jasmin, can you do a make-up tutorial for us? Your make-up always looks so polished and perfect! I especially love your wing tip cat eye! Can you show us how you do that without the make-up smudging all over?

    Your blog is amazing, btw! I love your vintage finds and your posts! 🙂

  3. I always LOVE your finds – and this time was no exception!
    And your hair looks so great when you but it up like that. Is it hard?

  4. Hey!

    I completely love the black jumpsuit look by Twenty8Twelve. Your hair is just amazing in these photos; the Leaopard jumper as pants with the black top and belt is uber great together . Your versatility is amazing 🙂

    5,000 stars! ❤


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