What I wore today: 08/18/10

Today was an awesome day. I headed to the city in my new vintage dress and wedge hat I bought on ebay a week ago. I have been shopping on Ebay a lot lately, you really find great stuff if you know your measurements correctly. Many pieces from the 1960s down require that you know your bust and waist size. I always feel super lucky when I find something I love and it turns out to be just my size. I bought the dress and the hat separately and it just so happens that it goes perfectly together. I paired it with my Evol Heist earrings, vintage treasure purse from SF, and some old vintage pumps I had in the back of my closet. I wore very minimal makeup, just blush and mascara. I just wanted to give my signature cat eye a break for a bit. I felt great, and in turn I had a great day. I traveled all over soho, bought a dress, and then went uptown to a Puerto Rican restaurant called Bajari for dinner with my friend Derek. The food was delish and the service was amazing. Derek knows all of the best places to eat in NY, I swear..He never disappoints me.  If you are up in the 100s and you want some good spanish food, head to Bajari. I can honestly say that I am hooked and cant wait to return.

Here are more pics of my outfit and some details.

I mixed it up a little with 1920’s hair. A faux finger wave as I would like to call it, because it isn’t the proper way to do a finger wave but it works!

This particular hat is called a Wedge, I now have them in almost every color you can imagine because it is one of my favorite styles of hats.

The print on my dress is quite interesting.

Someone asked me what I had in my purse…I told them “Treasure”. I am a pirate, that’s what I do 😉

At the studio, caught off guard..good picture though 🙂

At the restaurant, my tummy was smiling 🙂


12 Comments on “What I wore today: 08/18/10

  1. i was wondering yesterday when you were going to do this type of post… I always love to see what you’re wearing and how you put it together. You have a great ability to pick our wonderful pieces and wear them so well. In an age where the less clothes, the sexier…. you are shutting people down left and right with your style. And your style is sexy yet mysterious… and its not like we havent seen this era before but youre redefining whats beautiful and sexy … keep up the amazing work!

  2. I love the wedge hat and finger wave combo. It surprisingly works really well together!
    Oh and p.s. still a bettie with minimal makeup!

  3. You are looking so much like your mom these days, it’s crazy! I LOVE that dress. The fit is insane! Teach me to do the fingerwaves! Oh & maybe when we link up for lunch again, we can do Bajari, since it’s in my hood!

  4. Are you single? I dont see any mention of the bf anywhere. Just curious ❤

  5. LOLLLLL @ ANONYMOUSSSS!!!! I’m not mad at ya!
    @Jasmine love the shoes.

  6. LOL @ Mimi @ Anonymous :op

    J, I always look at the pics first, then I read. I was wondering why your makeup looked different, then I realized that your dramatic cat eye look was gone! This fresh faced look is so beautiful.

    Things I love:
    How you merge transcend eras
    The navy blue wedge hat
    The print of the dress
    Your hair

    Can you do a tutorial on 50’s hair? Or is that just putting too much on your plate?

  7. Lovely pics !! I really like ur outfit, the dress is so special.

    btw which ethenicy do u have ?? am jus wonderin u kno, not that it matters……

  8. Hey VV,

    You should do some vintage hairstyle tutorials, people will love them! including me 🙂 hehe


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