Vernon Treasure!

[This is my monster stance]

Yesterday I headed to Gantry park to hang out with my best bud. This place has taken me away from the city and stole my heart. Gantry park is a beautiful place overlooking the city, my family and I go there all the time to lay out in the sun. My favorite part of the pack is the old Pepsi Cola sign, it lights up the park at night. After the park, Derek and I decided to explore the area more and found that there were great bars, restaurants, and cute shops along Vernon Boulevard.

I wore a rusty Philly’s girls button down with my True Religion shorts, and these cute new boots I bought (thank you Katie May!). Arent they amazing?

Take a look at more pictures inside!

My favoritististist person in the world, Derek Santiago.

I look like a little bug lol.

Love this picture of the area, took it as soon as I got there.

Love, peace, and happiness.

Caught off guard. Love my new boots!


Derek laughing at me. lol

For those of you who don’t know Derek, he is a walking Wikipedia/dictionary/historian. He is smart as hell. He knows everything about our city.

Keep them ugly faces comin!

Another great pic I took, the lamp looks like a UFO.

Caught these two kids holding hands, so cute.

Here are some of the shops and bars we came across while walking around.

Ethereal is a cute shop that sells great Designer and vintage apparel. Many upcoming designers showcase their work at this shop so you get to see amazing apparel and jewelry that you don’t see in many shops. They also showcase artwork! The customer service is great and the shop is beautifully decorated with chandeliers, Artwork, and vintage fixtures. If you want one-of-a-kind pieces from great new designers you should definitely check out this shop.

Beautiful framed pictures of my favorite ladies from the 1940’s and 50s.

How cute are these hats!

The jewelry was beautiful. I love that MIRROR!

This rack was full of candy ❤

Vintage Chanel Pumps for $150! YES CHEAP!

Vintage LOVE.

I love the African inspired jewelry, I am so inspired by African culture/fashion these days.

Vintage Singer!

This was a bar located just next door to Ethereal and they were playing CLASSIC FILMS! I died.

My type of place.

This shop looks cool, it was closed but I cant wait to go on an early day to see what’s inside.

Loved this!

Artsy Crafty things!

After walking around and Gantry park we went to the L.I.C bar where we hung out in the garden, had great cheese burgers, and drinks.


13 Comments on “Vernon Treasure!

  1. Well. I didn’t think it was possible, J. You’re my favorite online personality, but if you keep posting pics of Derek….lol I might have a new love. 🙂

    The pics are beautiful and those boots are awesome. I just love how you mix different eras/styles. You’ve got a pompadour, a western style shirt, shorts, and unlaced ankle boots. EPIC.

  2. Ahhh I love those boots!!! killer!!!..Great look Jazzy!, if u should ever want to grab a bite to eat after the park go to communitea right on vernon and 47st I believe, great spot to get something healthy!! 🙂

  3. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your booots im dying for a pair like that.
    where can i get a pair ? =)

    && ur outfits are soo inspiring i love u mucho **

  4. Prittayy. You definitely deserve those boots much more than I did, I had NO idea how to wear them! Glad I could sell them to ya. And BTW: You’re channeling some Sasha Fierce in the pony tail yank photo 😉 Loves it.

  5. I always read your blog …I wanted to ask you… What vintage shops/ goodwill stores/thrift shops do you go to? I need to find a dress for tuesday.. .i got invited to ball… And i wanna stand out… Please get back to me.. Itll be greatly appreciated.

  6. i read your blogs all the time. i wanted to know,well ask you….where do you go shopping at thats a goodwill/salvation army/ thrift shop…. i got invited to a ball..i need something good…badly..please and thank yous

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