Girls night out!

[Kida, Autumn, Shay, Mimi, Jasmin]

The other night Me and the dolls gave meaning to the phrase “Work hard PLAY HARD”. I used to go out a lot and after a while I kinda got sick of it. Yesterday night I decided to give in and I realized how much I miss it since being a hermit all this time. Now Its time to get out and get it started again with some new and old friends that I love so much. I always have a good time when I am out with Kida and Mimi, this time we partied with fellow blogger Shay (Flashy Stylista) and Autumn, a classy bombshell. The gals looked AMAZING and we had a blassttt. You will definitely see more posts about nights on the town. Here are pictures from last nights adventure.

I went out looking pretty simple, just a vintage leopard dress, some cuban heeled stockings, my top shop pumps, and a Betsey Johnson purse.

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3 Comments on “Girls night out!

  1. You were definitely the Cats Meow! 😉
    Looks like you had fun! ^-^ and the ladies all looked wonderful!

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