Betsey Johnson Summer-Sample-Sale!

[Betsey Johnson Romper]

Last week was the Betsey Johnson Sample sale and for those of you who have been following my blog, you know I always get tons of goodies from BJ sales. I have been close with the Betsey Johnson Company for a long time now so whenever they have sample sales, fashion shows, or any other events I work them. Three days of the sale and I have an entirely new rack of clothing for the next few seasons. Here are some goodies I purchased.

Domino Romper. Cant wait to wear this baby out!

I absolutely love it!

Leopard Leggings. These were so comfy and I love that they are high-waisted!

Lipstick Sweater. I love BJ sweaters, I buy them like candy! I love this color scheme.

Flower leggings. I love these because they kinda look like graffiti, plus turquoise and teals are my favorite colors.

Purple flower Romper from Betsey’s Vintage Collection. This is one of my favorite prints by Betsey Johnson, she makes it in a million colors. This romper is a cute grab-it-and-go outfit. LOVE!

Gun dress. Cant go wrong with a DANGEROUSLY sexy dress. Cobalt blue, yum, my favorite.

I wasnt crazy about this dress on the hanger but when I tried it on I just needed to have it! This dress fits just like a corset, it is tailored to perfection.

Polka Dot Bustle Jacket. I absolutely love Betsey’s bustle jackets, I already have this same jacket in a flower print (see below).

Amazing! One of my favorite pieces from the sale!

You guys already saw this dress, I wore it the other day with door knockers and a pompadour. I got this one at the sale and its fabulous.

Ok so I bought this bustle jacket a few months ago and didn’t know there was a dress and top that also had the same print. When I went to the sale and saw the dress and the top I went bonkers! Now I can interchange them with the jacket!

The dress to the jacket also has a bustle and as you can see above, it doesn’t interfere with the bustle on the coat.

This is the top, it has a bustle as well. I plan to wear it with a white pencil skirt.

This is a short version of the evening Tea Party dress. I couldn’t resist buying it especially because the black and hot pink pop! So cute!

I actually purchased this for my sister, she loves the BJ hoodies and sweaters.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of pollys!

If you missed the sale, don’t fret, just visit my shop! I have tons of Betsey Johnson goodies! Also, Betsey Johnson has sample sales all the time! If you want to know when BJ will have another sale, just keep checking my blog. I tell everyone at least 1-2 weeks in advance.


29 Comments on “Betsey Johnson Summer-Sample-Sale!

  1. Really?? I am totally in love with the purple romper!! You look stunning in all of these BJ looks doll. That red lipstick is uh-mazing + your figure is to die for!!


  2. gdamnit! totally going to the next one… i just spent all my money and food and tattoos this week FML on being a fatty and loving unnecessary ink! can’t wait til the next one – you got some – scratch that – ALL amazing finds!

  3. My favorite is the dress you said didn’t catch your eye on the hanger. It fits you perfectly!!!! Looks like you killed that sale. haha

  4. I freakin’ love your blog…. and I would love to try shopping at the stores you go to… i know some time ago you did a post on stores you shop at and I cant seem to find it.. can you help with that?

  5. oh my jesus what amazing finds love the floral bustle jacket that u previously purchased ( and the new one) but the dress and top that go with it are to die for!!!!!! the tailored beige dress is amazing and so are the flower leggings and dress love the print and color ❤ teal!!!! u look awesome as always congrats on the fab finds 🙂 xoxo

  6. I love that purple romper so much, I’m always looking for a romper with longer legs because my legs aren’t my favorite part of my body and I’d love to wear one without tights underneath, time to scour ebay for it 🙂

  7. I am insanely jealous! I pretty much want every piece you picked up, you lucky duck!
    I am inviting myself to stay with you when the next sample sale is on!haha

  8. You got some great items. Wish I was a little thinner to pull off some of those clothes, you wear them well. Is there a sample sale going on in the west coast as well as the east?

  9. May I ask what your fitness regime is–or are you just naturally slim and toned? (Please don’t say yes, I’ll be too depressed, LOL.) Thank you! I love these looks, btw–especially the zippered dress and the domino romper.

  10. You are freaking stunning. Every piece you wore looks like it was made for you! I would die to go to a Betsey Johnson sample sale. Do they just have them in NY? Heading over to ebay… Go on girl!

  11. I hope Betsey has a sale when I’m in NYC in October. But knowing my luck, she’ll have it a week after I come. BOO.

  12. i think Usher said it the best ” Girl you know I’m really loving your style” Those dresses look amazing with your figure.

  13. Hi jasmin, I hope you can answer my question;-) I heard in the grapevine that end of October there is a BJ sample sale…… Do you know if that’s true?? I always see you at the sales.
    Thank you so much and I.loved the items you bought at the sale you look great….
    I love your blogs. The are so fun to read and many good ideas.

  14. I know I’m very late but this is the 1st I’m seeing this. Love everything you modeled. I just want to know want the style name of the black and pink shoes you wore with the black cocktail dress is? …

  15. OMG! I’m obsessed with the dice romper!! I’ve looked all over the net and cannot find it!

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