An Eventful day!

Yesterday was a day full of adventure, I attended the Sylvia Ji x Travis Louie exhibition at the Joshua Liner gallery, took a stroll down central park to the American Woman exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, went uptown to a get together at this amazing bar that served the best spanish food, and went back down town to head to B.East to celebrate my old friend Dice’s birthday party. I didn’t think I would kill all birds with one stone but I did and my day was incredible. I was with my best friend Derek for practically the whole day (driving him crazy as usual lolol) and then met up with Christian and some of our other friends later that night. It’s always good to surround yourself with good company, I absolutely adore my friends. Here are pictures and more details of my day.

I love the city in the summer.

I was completely blown away by the Silvia Ji paintings. They were so beautiful and inspiring. Her work makes me want to dress up like Dia De los Muertos like last Halloween.

Every single one of her paintings was a masterpiece. I am so happy Derek and I finally made it.

I wore a Betsey Johnson dress I got at the sample sale this week, followed by some H&M pumps, Betsey Johnson door knockers, and my vintage bag from SF.

The stripes, the hair, the makeup, everything was beautiful. I’m obsessed with bold black and white stripes especially when paired with the color red or pink.

I want her face, hair, hat and scarf. lol

These were prints they were selling! I’m going to purchase one this week.

This is Travis Louie’s work. Derek loves his work, I now love his work too.

Derek cracking up. I love the humor of Travis’s paintings.

Lol I caught Derek off guard. lol

Off to Central Park!

we sat and watched the boats for a little bit. It was so relaxing there.

Central park was live with people.

Cracking up caught on camera. GUMS!

Kiss a dear my dear!

Giganto bubbles!

Whoa..look at that kid lolol

So relaxed I was falling asleep.

At the Metropolitan Museum.

Derek’s favorite painting. Its stunning.

To think this painting was done in the 1700s is crazy. This one is by Horace Vernet.

Derek’s other favorite painting. Earliest pinups.

I was so excited to see this exhibition! Too bad we couldn’t take pictures inside 😦

I loved the exhibit and couldn’t resist buying goodies at the shop. I purchased a book, a post card, and a lipstick pen!

Josephine Baker!

Time to get inspired!

We continued to check out different parts of the Museum. I wanted to see the African section because I have been inspired by the culture for sometime now.

Love these textiles. See where I am going with this people? If not, stay tuned.

Reading my book on the train.

After the Museum Derek and I headed to a bar uptown for a get together and then I was off to meet up with Christian at B.East.

Sophia was in town from DC, she was so awesome to hang out with! We were supposed to head to a Bikini party after Dice’s birthday but it didn’t work out.

Katja was in the perfect little black dress showing off what her momma gave her!

Christian wore a long blazer he created, he had a sailor speedo underneath lololol!

Sophia cracking up at Christian as he was being silly on the dance floor.

Katja and I, we havent seen each other since high school!

It was a good party and I got to see a whole bunch of people I lost contact with after H.S. Me and Dice went to the same school along with Katja and Christian. It’s too bad that Bikini Party didn’t work out so well, I had my swimsuit in my bag! All in all..

Good times!

10 Comments on “An Eventful day!

  1. Rita Hayworth. Period. I L.O.V.E. that woman! Original Latin bombshell. You looked lovely, as per usual, my dear!

  2. can i say WOW! at how you manage to look great all day long! i would have looked horrible by the end of the night. 🙂

    i love sylvia ji’s work, amazing artist 😀

  3. I learned about Sylvia Ji from this blog entry, she is one amazinggg artist (the colors & expressions on her art, wow), and u looked fab 🙂 Great read.

  4. Awesome post, love that guys work too, a tattoo artist friend has a book full of it, so cool. You look gorgeous yet again my dear, love the hair net! xox

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