V.V revamps Mariela’s wardrobe!

[I found this hat on the way out of the shop, looks great on Mariela!]

Yesterday I was set to meet a lovely lady by the name of Mariela to help her revamp her wardrobe. This is one of the Services I assist people with called “shopping tour guide”. The way it works is that I take people to my favorite stores and I shop specifically for them. I shop according to the persons personal style and I also know what types of clothes flatter certain figures. I also had her try on many things that weren’t in her comfort zone that she ended up loving. Its amazing what 4 sets of eyes can find especially from 2 different perspectives. I helped Mariela completely revamp her wardrobe with pieces she would have probably passed by since she says she just shops for one thing she needs at a time. We had such a great time, Mariela is sweet as pie, and I took her to so many great vintage/consignment shops (as requested). Not only did she leave with bags full of great clothes and shoes but she acquired a brand new style that she never knew she could pull off. Here are some pictures of our successful finds.

The minute I stepped into the store I saw these really cute Jeffery Campbell shoes in Mariela’s size! It was jackpot after just being in the store for only just a few seconds.

They are such cute sandals, I love the Fo-sachi logo, the bows, and the fact that its patent leather. She could pretty much wear these with anything.

I ADORE this dress and grabbed it off the rack the minute I saw the stripes! And it was Mariela’s size! Look how great it looks on her! This was my favorite dress on her.

I have a good eye for Betsey and I manage to always find her stuff in vintage shops. Mariela looks really great in fuchsia and purples so this dress looked divine on her. The lace detail gives the dress such an elegant feel, she looked so beautiful in it.

For a casual look I had Mariela try on high-waisted short skirts. As you can see here it works for her because of her height. If you want to appear more lean and tall when your 5 ft like us, your best bet is shorter higher waisted skirts. The fact that the skirt is multicolored is great because you have many top options. She looks great!

Vintage shoes usually come in sizes 5-7 so I had no problem finding Mariela great pairs of vintage shoes. These stood out to me and when I had her try them on, she loved them and purchased them! These shoes were in such great condition and sooo cute!

Mariela has a great figure so I had her try on some Night-out-on-the-town dresses as well. I actually have the corset of this dress and I know how it fits and had her try it on and it looked great on her. Leopard is a staple pattern for every girls closet.

This is a piece Mariela found and I loved it on her. This is yet another leopard piece that works. Once she lets her wild hair out and pairs this with some fierce black pumps she will steal the attention of any room.

I found these shoes while looking at the Glasses rack and when I saw they were a 6 1/2 I ran to Mariela and she nearly died. These shoes are in IMPECCABLE condition for being vintage. The beautiful flower detail and the satin finish makes for a perfect pair of shoes that go with everything. These were in-the-bag.

These are another pair of shoes I found for Mariela. They are definitely vintage from the 80’s. I love the harlequin feel they have to them with the checkered heel and the fact that they are yellow is awesome! They looked so good on her!

As I said, this girl looks great in fuchsias and purples, this dress was no exception. This vintage dress looked lovely on Mariela. Dresses like this are so easy to accessorize. You just add a belt, a matching pair of shoes, a purse, and you are ready to go!

I am so happy we had such a good turn out and that I fulfilled my mission of revamping Mariela’s wardrobe. She says she wants to go for part 2 soon! A girl is never done shopping lol!

If you would like me to give you a personal tour of my favorite shops to help you revamp your wardrobe, you can email me at vintagevandalizm@gmail.com.

Good times!


19 Comments on “V.V revamps Mariela’s wardrobe!

  1. She looks fantastic! You manage to find such fabulous clothes in these stores! I especially like the last dress on her 🙂

  2. I love the fact that you actually take time apart for us, your fans.. This is amazing. I didn’t even knew you did this till’ now. Perfect!!! I can’t wait to save up some money & email you so we can do this. I’m obsessed with vintage & I’ve always wanted to visit the stores you shop at. I loved Mariela’s outfits!! Xoxo

  3. Aw! I found a great vintage dress in that store in the last picture. I remember all of the stuff on the walls. The guy that was working in there was from Honduras and my friend, Carissa, and I attempted to speak Spanish to him. He fell in love with California after our conversation with him. ha!

    I must come back to NYC!

  4. Mariela looked beautiful in everything, mind you she doesn’t have her hair out or any makeup. I’m sure once she lets that hair out and wears all of that stuff, she is going to get lots of compliments. ” You go out there and work those clothes Mariela”. Great Job Jasmin.

  5. I love love love that Betsey dress!!!! What a great find. But the black shoes with the flower is my favorite thing on here. Those are incredible cute.

  6. I didn’t know you did this!! That’s so amazing…as soon as I get enough money I’m emailing lol! I love that Betsey Johnson dress…..it’s so beautiful

  7. You should 100% do a pin-up styling/photoshoot service as well, if you don’t already… I would absolutely love to have you style me for a pin-up shoot… I’ve been wanting to for years and need to get on it. There are certainly people who advertise this sort of service, but none on your level style-wise…

  8. FANTASTIC JOB! I love everything! Those black and white Pinwheel shoes are yummy!! The handbag of Mariela’s is that a Betsey Johnson????? It is cute!!!!

  9. well I think you going to have to give me a tour asap haha, can you help this fat girl who loves funky clothes? lolz

  10. Great job girls! You found so much cute dresses and heels for Mariela, she is looking so fine in her new designs!

    I will definitly get a hold of you Jasmin when I get a chance to get out there, so you can help me shop til we drop.

  11. Great job V.V.. Amazing how you were able to pull off such great outfits for her. Each piece suited her well. And she’s has an extremely cute face and flattering shape. Way to go Mariela!! Hope you enjoy your new wardrobe !

  12. ME ME ME I’d love a revamped wardrobe! You pick the day and I’m down! 😀

  13. Hey I love your blog & visit your tumblr too
    could you recommend me some shops? I’m a plus size girl and it’s sooo hard to find
    cute vintage clothes and dresses.
    Btw the black shoes with the pinwheel are amazing!

  14. love love love what you chose for her…esp that black and white striped dress..and she has a great figure!!

    would love to go shopping with you the next time I go USA!!

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