V.V styles Mala Reignz Music Video (OMG)!

[Production Still-Mala Reignz Styled by Vintage Vandalizm]

Last week I was contacted to style a female rapper who is a force to be reckoned with, Mala Reignz, for her 3rd music video. Mala’s talent was recognized by the legendary Rocksteady Crew and was asked to perform in the female cipher at their 31st year anniversary concert along with the likes of KRS-1, Fat Joe, DJ Premier, Bahamadia, Ice-T and many more well established artists. She is one of the newest unsigned hype artist in THE SOURCE and was featured in their  Summer Heat issue #239.

The theme of Mala’s new video was 1950s and they needed me to style Mala from head to toe and help the other girls with hair and makeup. The video was shot on Douglas Street in my favorite part of Brooklyn in a garage that was like a museum full of old cars from the 1900s to the 1970s. I nearly died the minute I stepped foot in Lenny’s garage.

Mala came over my house the night before for a fitting and I styled her directly from my own archive of clothing. I put her in this beautiful dress I bought from Enz on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. My friend Mariann owns the shop, sells dresses from companies like Bettie Page clothing, Stop Staring, and Pinup Girl clothing. Marrian also sells her own creations and this dress was one of them. The pattern is divine on Mala and I created a hair flower piece to accent the dress. Mala is a natural beauty so I didn’t have to do much for her makeup. I gave her a classic pinup cat eye, a vibrant red lip, darkened her eyebrows, and gave her a soft pink cheek. For hair I gave her victory rolls along with a soft wave in the front. Mala looked gorgeous and to be honest I couldn’t believe that I had given her such a transformation. This was the first time I had ever styled a music video, it was definitely an experience to remember and I enjoyed myself so much. Mala, her production team, and the cast were all so delightful to work with. I loved them all.

Take a look at pictures and videos of Mala Reignz video shoot and how I styled the other video dolls.

Mala Reignz, the rapper in red lipstick. Don’t let the eye lashes fool you, chick can RAP!

I love the way I  styled her hair, it goes so well with the dress.

Her makeup looks good too [pats self on back ;)]

[Production Still from Video] So pretty.

This is Lisa, she was the “Hater” in the video but such a SWEETIE in person. I gave her Victory rolls as well and curled the back of her hair. I wanted to do an up-do but she likes her hair down. I also styled her around the dress she brought with cat eye classes and a pink ring.

[Production Still from Video] Lisa in action.

This is Lisette, Isnt she a doll? I gave her a middle part and Victory rolls followed by a Bonnet in the back and a red hair flower. I also gave her classic 1950’s makeup, she is such a beauty.

This is Mala’s second look, We had another look in mind but the camera man said the Gingham pattern looks like a glitch on camera. I initially had her in a Gingham top with a matching belt, high-waisted navy shorts, navy heels, and a white scarf for her head. We had to work with what we had extra so we managed to come up with this outfit which worked just fine. I wanted to give her a Rosie the Riveter look so I wrapped a Betsey Johnson scarf around her hair and it worked perfectly. We kept the makeup classic and added flair with the leopard earrings and polly shoes.

[Production Stills from Video]

That guy to the left is a Sean John model and the guy to the right is Mala’s adorable brother PJ.

She looks so good on camera!

lol cat fight.
Excuse how tired I look in this pic, I wasnt feeling too well at the shoot midday. I’m just glad my girl Mala looked fabulous!

That is Mala’s son, he is sooooooo cute and guess what, she styled him!

[Production Still from Video] The kids were so cute playing stick ball.


This car is like candy!

Pink ladies! I loved these girls, they had such good energy.

Chilling on the stoop!

[Production Stills from Video]

Strawberry, Mala, and Lisette. So cute, I can’t take it!

These are other images of the garage, it was HUGE!

…and full of treasure.

I wanted to take this television home with me.

That’s all folks! Stay Tuned for the debut of Mala Reignz new single and video!

Good Times!


19 Comments on “V.V styles Mala Reignz Music Video (OMG)!

  1. Hey there! That looks like one amazing shoot and your styling is fabulous! Maybe i’ll take a ride to that spot in Brooklyn and do my own shoot there one day and you’ll do my hair! I do pin-up hair too but you have deffinitely perfected that skill to a T. We have a mutual friend, her name is Leomarlis. She introduced me to your blog and now I can’t get enough of it!


  2. LOVE this girl. So excited that you two are working together!

  3. Mala is a friend of mine! You did an amazing job on her video shoot! Great work! You all looked fabulous! ❤

  4. Nice job VV! You did a great job and you looked magnificent as well. I love every time your vintage atlas bag makes an appearance. I love that bag!

    Congrats to you on your first video shoot!

  5. Hi Jasmin!! I’m in awe of how the video came out! I was the one that told Session (Jose) to check you out for the vid and I see you went above and beyond with your skills. Mala is also a friend, and I’m glad I could be the connector for you two. Can’t wait to see the final product.

    • Thank you so much Georgette! You are such a doll for referring me! I really appreciate it and I wish you were there so I could meet you! Please k.i.t! Thanks again! xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Great Job Jazzy! I know it came out great cant wait to see the vid!

  7. JAZZY!!! YOU GO HARD! I’m so in love. I can’t wait to roll my hair.

  8. I’m in love with that little boy and the rapper looks gorg on film! Great job Jazz

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