To Mom, with love. Happy Birthday!

Today is my mothers birthday and I decided to get her something special, a portrait by no one other than my best friend Derek Santiago. When he sent me the outcome he had me crying happily on the train because it looks just like her. He is such an amazing artist and really took the love I have for my mother and put it into this portrait. My mother deserves the world and so much more. Birthdays come and pass but my mother hasnt aged a second, she is still free-spirited, fun, open-minded, smart, and as beautiful as she has always been. I love you so much and I appreciate you. Thank you for being the best mother in the world. Brittany and I love you so much.

Ugh this pic is so beautiful. Notice the name plate, it’s a vintage font!!

My mom in the vintage dress I bought her. I love this picture of her, It was a great choice as a portrait.

Thank you Derek ❤

to see more of Derek’s work click here.

To see Derek’s portrait of me click here.


10 Comments on “To Mom, with love. Happy Birthday!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL & SUPPORTIVE MOTHER! I would like to thank her for raising such a beautiful person. Wish her Many, many more!

    Shout out to Mr. Santiago that picture is AMAZING!

  2. Thank you Jasmin for the beautiful gift. I love it, Schmenkee did an amazing job. Thank you Schmenkee for making me look so beautiful.

  3. That’s so beautiful! My b-day is the the day after hers. How cool is that?

  4. That portrait is absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday to a woman who raised such a fantastic daughter 🙂

  5. Amazing portrait & outstanding talent of
    Mr. Santiago!

  6. Thank you all for all the great comments. I did raise an amazing young lady. I thank god she has turned out well.

    Happy Birthday Raye.

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