Vintage Finds: Add some textiles to your style!

Yesterday after a canceled shoot, I finally had some free time to check out the Salvation Army in Queens. It has been a while since I have been shopping and I was starting to have vintage-withdrawals. I decided to treat myself and hit the jackpot as soon as I stepped foot in the door as every Wednesday is 50% off of everything! I totally forgot! So if you have a Salvation Army near you, always go on a Wednesday. Today I was looking for tops and things with great patterns because I hardly own tops and I have a certain look I want to conquer for Fall and Winter. I know, you think I am lying when I say I don’t have tops…but I am not. I own a lot of everything except for tops because I’m particular about how I like them to fit and look. Well I came and I conquered, I found everything I needed and more! Check it out by clicking the tab below.

I found this really cool top and trousers at the Salvy. I bought this top because it pretty much goes with everything and these trousers because I needed plain black ones for Fall.

How BEAUTIFUL is this teal kimono? Teal is my favorite color and it happens to be the color that looks best on me. I can’t wait to wear this with some crazy heels!
This leopard top is going to look good with a pair of khaki shorts and a cool hat. I am leaning towards a 1950s safari queen type of look.

I have been looking for tribal pin-upy stuff for a while now and BINGO! I found this skirt and nearly died when I saw it, it had to be MINE!

This top is amazing, see that drape on the neck line? you can take the button off and let that part hang like a scarf. This top is versatile, exactly what I need for my closet.

This top is my favorite. The feather detail, the scarf around the neckline, and the comfortable fabric make one really amazing top. I cant WAIT to wear this one.

After seeing the Kiki De Montparnasse “boyfriend shirt”, I decided I’d like to save myself $350 dollars. I found this long button down top with the same neckline as the boyfriend top and ran over to the Ties section and found a really cool clip-on tie! The boyfriend shirt actually has a bow tie, but I can have that arranged 😉 (::cough:: look below).

I put a vest on with it and made my own damn bow tie so you can get the gist of it.

Last but not least, I hadddd to get a black top. I am always going crazy trying to find one in my closet and now I have one that works! I also purchased these high-waisted shorts because of the pattern. As I said, I’m going to be playing a lot with colors and patterns for Fall and Winter this year. I’m getting my shopping done early ;).

Visit your local Salvation Army on Wednesdays people!

Hope you enjoyed my finds!


4 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Add some textiles to your style!

  1. I just recently bought a bow tie while in SF and can’t wait to wear it! I’ll have to take pics to show you!

  2. I’m still jealous of the bowler hat! You make them look so chic. I love playing with different prints and textures, very nice finds!

  3. I adore that shirt, it fits so beautifully! I love shirts but it’s difficult finding ones that fit over my boobs and still fit my waist properly! x

  4. can you do a post on how to dress in ny’s humidity?! i’ve only so many rompers that i can wear before my co-workers think i have no more clothes! bahahahha

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