The Port Jervis Turntable.

The other day Derek invited me to visit his family upstate with his brother Tommy . I like traveling to new and different places, meeting , especially towns so I was totally down for the drive. Low and behold when we arrive Derek sees a sign that says “The Port Jervis Turntable Ahead”. Of course as curious as we both are we decided to check it out and BOOM, it was instant TREASURE. We had found an old train station full of old trains! The best part about it is that there was a bulletin board up with the history of the train station along with old photographs of what it looked like in the past. We were so inspired and in awe of this place. We didn’t know what this Turntable thing was and then found out that the turntable is actually a platform that rotates to change a trains direction. It was absolutely beautiful to explore this area and see history in such good condition. I had such a blast between finding an old train station, a ton of really amazing antique shops, and meeting Derek’s awesome family. They were so cool and so down to earth. I brought rex with me and he loved them too. I took great photos and video with my iphone and created a very-vintage post for you all to see. Above is a video of the area and you will see Derek and his brother. Inside are pictures and another silent film Derek took of me clowning around.

This train is from the 1950’s.

Ironically dressed for the occasion. This is my “Rosie the Riveter” outfit lmao.

This train was sooo cool.


The inside of the train!


I wanted everything in these shops! Too bad they were closed!



5 Comments on “The Port Jervis Turntable.

  1. You need to take more road trips with Derek. Place looks amazing, pictures are great and love the silent videos.

  2. I love those shorts! Remind me of a pair of Guess shorts I had as a kid back in the 90s (mine were a bit longer, of course). Are they vintage?

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