2nd Annual Serino Car show!

Yesterday, my family and I had the pleasure of attending the Serino Car show. The Serino Auto Repair shop always has beauties parked outside that I marvel at every time I am driving home. I attended the Serino Car show last year but this one definitely takes the cake. It seems that this event is growing with popularity and I am sure I will see even more cars at the next one. My dad is good friends with the Serino crew and most of the guys who had their cars at the show so it wasnt an unfamiliar event to attend. The Rumblers were there with their cars pre-gaming for their show in Brooklyn under the Brooklyn Bridge in August (flyer coming soon). We all had so much fun at the show taking pictures, checking out the beautiful cars, meeting and greeting people, and getting to know the stories behind the cars.

You all wanted to see me do more videos, and I have to admit, I get nervous on video and freeze up but I did one anyway. Check it out followed by pics of the car show.

Color coordinated beauties!

I wore a Vintage top, belt, and shoes with my Betsey Johnson Cat eyed shades.

My mom is so cute. I love her.

Ugh these cars were so vibrant! Look at my momma stuntin!

One of my favorite cars at the show. Its owned by this guy named Sal, this really cool gentleman who lovesss Elvis.

He wanted me to take a pic on his car, I was scared I’d scratch it but it worked out!

It’s Sal Italiano!!

Non-mellow yellow! love it!

That little munchkin in there is my little cousin Elias! He’s soooo adorable and loves cars!

My uncle Tony with his Grandson Elias. Such a cute pic!

Loved this bike with its leopard seat. I died.

Me and my cousin Joneva! She’s such a beauty!

Little handsome munchkin Elias with his Mustang T-shirt my mother bought him!

❤ This pic is adorable!


One of my other favorites and look at the interior!

Need one of these asap.

The Italiano’s and I! Love em!

Joe from the South side boys showing us his amazing tats! He owns the Taxi with the flames below!

Tony, my mom, me, and One of the Serino Bro’s.

My momma and I! Joe in the back lolol

Rex would fit in that little seat perfectly!

The Rumblers and I!

Mr.Serino and I!

Look at the beautiful Trophies he designed! WOW!

Check out this Serino Car Show video by Bobby on YouTube by clicking here!



9 Comments on “2nd Annual Serino Car show!

  1. Great pictures, you looked beautiful as always. love all those cars. Had a great time at the show. I missed you Schmenkee.

  2. Man. I love these cars. Fun in the sun.

    Girl, you’re working that camera! I love the videos! They always make me smiiiiile.

  3. Jasmin
    thank you so mush for post all of us and the link for the videos’ part 1 and 2 with you in it
    darlin all i can say is HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL YOU !

  4. Yes! Video, how did I miss this. You look so nice on camera and great walk too!

    Love the pics, looked like a great time!

    You have the cutest little cousins! And uncle Tony looks nowhere near a grandad! 😉 LOL

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