Motel Rocks Contest #2!

Ok, so I love all of my readers and as thanks to you I am giving away this style of Motel Rocks dress FREE!

It is a Size small and fits anyone who is a size 0-4. If this dress isn’t your size, I apologize but you can always buy the dress on the website because its on SALE!

All you have to do is leave a comment answering the question below!!

What do YOU like about what would you change?

Don’t forget to visit the Motel Rocks store for more great apparel!

Note* when you leave a comment, don’t forget to give me your email!


36 Comments on “Motel Rocks Contest #2!

  1. i love love love everything about vv & this blog! youre beautiful inside and out. when it comes to your amazing vintage clothes, to the cheap findings 😉 and your personal pictures of your family. you inspire me more and more evetytime you post something new to not care about what other people think, wear whatever i want & feel comfortable in, and you make me more confident everyday! i visit your blog daily. youre amazing & i would really LOVE to meet you!!! i tell everyone about you. xoxoxo<3

  2. I don’t want the dress. Wouldn’t fit me.

    I like everything and would change nothing! That was helpful right?

  3. Your site is so easy to love.
    Its real and realistic.
    Your style is so unique and effortless,
    that I and I’m sure others find
    extremly inspiring.

    Keep up the amazing work
    Love is love.

  4. Hola! I love that I can live vicariously through you! Working a 13 hour job doesn’t leave me with much time to be creative with fashion (when I’m free, I just want to sleep) but all of your posts keep hope alive! It reminds me that I must make time to get all dolled up, explore our wonderful city and make time for fun friends! Keep it up! ❤ VV 4ever! 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t change a thing! I LOVE seeing what you bought on shopping adventures. What you have received as gifts! Vacation pictures..etc…I especially LOVE it when you take us into a thrift shop or Vintage shop and show us the goodies you find! Keep it up. If it is not broken, DON’T fix it! xxxxx

  6. I love vv too, the blogs are really entertaining and you’re style always makes my jaw drop!
    I would love to see more video’s, you have such a lively and fun personality that doesn’t come across so much in Photo’s, so a video blog once in a while would be really fun!

  7. I love that everything on the blog isn’t based on expensive, hard to find clothing and shoes.

    Everything is unique and I haven’t seen anything like this website anywhere!

    I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

  8. Hi V.V.!
    I enjoy your Thrift Store/Salvation Army findings post. All of the hats, jewelry, dressess, handbags, shoes, etc. that you find are all amazing. I adore how you mix and match different time periods with your clothing and accessories.
    I’d love to see a post on how to do different pin-up hair styles and make-up.
    Your site is very creative and I enjoy reading and viewing your post/pictures.

  9. Vintage Vandalism is a website that I only happened upon because I was searching for the Rodarte for Target lookbook. What pulled me in and made me interested was Jasmines innate ability to be unapologetically herself. There didn’t seem to be any pretense or negative ego. It takes a very brave person to put themselves out there so completely, because everybody knows how ruthless people can be. She’s always been very honest and forthcoming about her life, from love to disappointment to heartbreak to self exploration and success, and she’s kept her family and values on the front lines of her horizons. I find it very refreshing. What makes it complete for me is how she integrates all of this into the way she presents herself to the world through her outfits. She never nails herself down. She is a true chameleon and it works. Its wonderful to be able to relate to someone that is thousands of miles away and actually have them relate back in a genuine and friendly way. Its hard to find something that I would like to see change because the format is great. The layout is beautiful and the posts are frequent. I guess if I had to pick something it would be an idea to continue to expand the empire that is vv, is maybe add a spot guide. Where to eat, where to get drinks, where to dance. I feel like it is such a complete site already, so maybe fill us in on the fun spots we see you posted at. Jasmine, as I’ve said before, you know you’re an inspiration, but it is dope that you also gain inspiration from your readers. You’re very good to us and we love you. Keep it up, Miss!

  10. P.s. I agree with Kandi’s idea. Video blogs would be cool to add!

  11. ok jas..

    1. you’re hotness, but you already know that..
    2. you stay true to yourself, despite whatever the latest trends are or what anyone way say–i’ve always admired that about you for the years i’ve known you.
    3. your site as developed and gone through so many changes as far as looks, and each look, i can see is an extension of your personality.
    4. i ❤ you mamas!!!!


  12. Heyy let me start off by saying I love u V.V your awesome. Your website is even more great. I love to get on the web and see your new posts. Your deffinetly a inspiration to me. Your style is exquisit & the way you come up with outfits never fails to amaze me. I’m a 17 year old highschool student going into my senior yr. So finding cheap vintage outfits is a must. This website taught me how to do so. I love how you get around and make your way to diffrent places. I deff. want to do some of the things u do wen I get older. This website is just the best blog i’ve ever read. if I could change something about v.v it would be you just posting more posts. loveyu dnt ever stop blogging! —–one of ur biggest fans

  13. I love your posts on funky vintage/secondhand finds at your fav thrift stores.

    And I do agree with Kandi and Heather… more video blogs please!

  14. sucks the dress would not fit me, but…

    i do enjoy and look forward to your postings. i originally stumbled upon you when you were featured on TheBoobs. Not many women can give credit to a woman who is beautiful, but I have no problem in saying that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Your blogs are inspiring and i love that you portray your artistic imagination in your clothes and make up. Please please continue to do what you do.

    oh, I would love it if you could post a tutorial as to how you do your cateye make up.


  15. I don’t like, I LOVE it!!!. Jasmin rodriguez is such an inspiring individual , ever since I came to know about, and seeing what she has done and still doing to make her dreams a reality, it personally has made me motivated to push myself to making my dreams come true. What I love most everytime I visit is the exposure to different worlds in things I’ve always loved since a kid like pin-up,rockabilly,art, photography,etc. I admire how passionate and true Jasmin is to everything she does and what keeps me coming back to is my curiousity to what she’s going to do next. Keep it up girl ,because your something special. :-).

  16. i love this blog. you are incredibly inspiring. the only thing i could think of to change would maybe be your header 🙂
    p.s. and i love that your last name is rodriguez ❤

  17. What I like about is it’s sassiness. I love Jasmin’s style, her ideas, her creativity. I love the fact that she has hope for life/fashion, she seems like she doesn’t give up on what she believes. Also it seems to be like if she has an idea she pulls through till it’s accomplished. Those are great qualities for anyone to have, and that gives a different kind of aura which other blogs sometimes lack. If I could change anything, it would probably just be to add other things to the blog. In example, things I enjoy besides fashion. A song I like. A piece of art I enjoy, a special recipe I know. Talk about the books i’m reading. Maybe reblog something that I felt touched. But that’s just ME, my opinion. Everyone has there own preferences, and there own forms of entertainment and that’s what makes us all interesting in different ways. I honestly think is great the way it is, although I don’t know Jasmin herself, I feel like the website suits her, and ultimately it portrays who she is.

    p.s. I mainly wrote this because I feel like Jasmin should know how her readers feel about her website. It’s always great to hear people’s opinions and ideas.


  18. I LOVE because of the combo of your amazing style and your down to earth personality. Everything you write is so relatable and REAL. When I read about your adventures, I feel like I’m right there with you. Hope that doesn’t sound too weird haha. I can’t even think of anything I’d want you to change about this site, I love it…you’re an inspiration Jasmin!

  19. just move to LA real quik like.

    k. I hope I win this contest.


  20. showed me another way. Fashion, success, love, life, it’s all what you create. What used to be a lunch break escape transformed into journey whenever my address bar reaches

    Unlike many other fashion bloggers, doesn’t feel contrived or forced, it’s merely an extension of yourself. I like how you treat your readers to a peek inside your life, from your fashion prowess, to daily excursions, fly and stylish vacations all the way to more personal topics. I feel like I’ve watched you evolve not only as a fashionista, but as a woman from your deeply personal & inspirational My Life entries. Judging from the comments, you understand how to relate to your readers and we love the fact that you present Jasmine, the real person, in addition to the classy and versatile vintage maven we’ve all grown to love.

    What I love the most is how you share your successes with the ones you love. I enjoy seeing pictures from events including your parents, nana (where is she by the way? lol), younger sister and a plethora of other family members and friends.

    I anticipate the occasions when you take time off to relax, because I know you’ll come back refreshed with tons of goodies for us to go gah gah over.

    I’m exceedingly excited for the opening of the shop and I look forward to seeing more pieces populate the site.

    I would love more posts or even videos detailing the thought process behind certain looks. That’s no biggie and probably just an oddity of my own because sometimes your ensembles are nothing short of genius, I just have to ask myself, “How did she even begin to think to come up with that”?

    Keep inspiring!

  21. I love your blog! My favorite posts are your vintage finds posts, because I love seeing things that maybe I would not notice if I saw them in a store given new life. I wouldn’t change much, other than maybe posting about how you do your hair/makeup, tutorials maybe. My email is 🙂

  22. I like looking at all your cute little bow peep outfits and seeing your super sexy photo shoots. The only thing you should change is outfits. 😉
    Love your ‘trip down memory lane’ looks!

  23. I love fashion as it is presented on the VV website. I would add more pictures/tutorials (for ex. how your make up is applied, how you style your hair and/or how you pull the look together and maybe alternatives to some of your looks)

    I would love the dress for my daughter…she is an inspiration just like you! Many thanks for your blog!!!!!



  26. I absolutely love It was the first ever fashion blog that I absolutely fell in love with. I came across this blog because on my Tumblr dashboard someone uploaded a picture of you and said you were Dominican and Cuban which is my nationality. Once i saw that, I wanted to learn more about you. The person also posted the link to and when I started looking at your pictures and reading your comments about things you come across, i absolutely fell in love. In the matter of two days, I went thru every single page of your blog (read your posts and became infatuated with your style). I was absolutely addicted. Soon enough, I bookmarked the page. I showed my two best friends your fashion blog and turns out that they also fell in love. They even recorded when you were on Kell on Earth so I can see. I came across your page during the time when I was looking for a prom dress and since I love your sense of style so much, I emailed you and asked you if you had any ideas on what my dress should be like because I was going for a pinup look. We spoke for a little and I found out you are Puerto Rican. It’s funny because my best friend is also Puerto Rican and she reminds me so much of you. She’s only 17 but I can see her lifestyle turning out to be like yours. She’s very much into the pinup look with a mix of everything else and she’s absolutely obsessed wit Alice in Wonderland. Plus her hair is super long like yours. Anyways,once you gave me advice for my prom dress, I went to a million different shops in the city (including Betsey Johnson like you told me) and found a cute little boutique on Orchard street. When I walked in, I knew I fell in love. Everything there was vintage and I found the perfect dress at a low price. The point of my story is you helped me with what I needed. You were not stingy and you gave me enough advice for me to find what I was looking for. You also answered all my questions. Your such a sweetheart and you can pull anything off. Your blog is full of fashion, culture, excitement, and none the less LOVE. the love you have for your fans is immense. You are byfar incredible. I love the fact that you post inexpensive finds because not all of us are rich. You shop where most people wouldn’t. Because of you, I went to a Good Will for the first time. It wasn’t all that great because I live in Jersey but I still found inexpensive clothes, some that I wore for my 18th birthday. I love that you can keep me posted on new entries via email. I just love everything lol.

    Something I would change is how you had a video post at the end of the Yumna shoot. I actually liked how you explained your outfit. Once in a while those can be fun but I still like looking at the pictures.

    Keep doing what you do best and don’t stop posting because people like me enjoy reading xoxo ❤

  27. I like that you’re beautiful but yet modest and humble; of course I don’t know you, but that’s how you come across. I appreciate that. What would I change? Hmm, I’m not sure–even more frequent posts, maybe! 🙂 Size 4, I want it!

  28. I like your site because it encourages me to dress the way I want, no matter what other people think.

    Well I miss that picture of you in the header! Put it back ;p

  29. I absolutely adore ! This is about the only site I check on a daily basis , sometimes three to five times a day. I just love all of your posts and I can’t wait for the next.Through your posts you have inspired me to develop more of a personal style after seeing your amazing sense of fashion and the way you wear every ensemble with such confidence and just ooze who you are as an individual . You inspire me to do the same. I’ve also developed a new hobby thanks to you -vintage/thrift shopping and I bring all my friends along because what’s the point of doing something you love if you can’t enjoy it with the people you love.

    Bottom line: is to die for and I love the changes you made to it already. It looks good. I only see it getting better and better everyday.

    There’s not a thing I would change about Honestly it has succeeded my expectations of what a site should look like and be by far.

  30. I love already even though I stumbled upon it just recently. The vintage finds are incredible, and I love that you somehow make all your outfits sexy and modern. It’s truly inspiring for those of us who love thrifting and vintage clothes. I think used clothes are the best finds because they all have a story behind them. 🙂

  31. I love your thrift store findings! You prove that there’s more than old moth eaten sweaters and tacky prom dresses clogging up the store, that just because they’re typically stuffed full of other people’s unwanted items doesn’t mean there aren’t absolute gems hidden in those racks waiting to be discovered. Your posts are frequent enough without them being in any way excessive (although given the awesome content you provide I doubt that’s at all possible) and your photos are both clear enough to see and beautifully shot. I’ve found that with certain other blogs people who are afforded some of the opportunities you share with us share them in a manner that makes it seem as if they’re simply bragging about all the awesome stuff they get to do rather than sharing because they love fashion and what they do. I love that you are both beautiful and humble, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about the site! (Well, maybe some tutorials on how you manage to always get your makeup to look so flawless would be greatly appreciated!)

  32. I don’t want the dress, but I wanted to say what I liked about V.V.

    Jasmin, you are fearless, epic, beautiful, true, genuine, caring, a soldier, and fabulous. I stumbled across your blog last year after visiting Regina’s (@GlamaRay) blog. Since then I’ve gone back and read your other entries, and it’s amazing to see how much you’ve matured, grown, and developed as an artist, stylist, person, friend, and daughter.

    This is the ONLY blog that I try to leave a comment on every single post! At first I thought I was slightly psycho, then I decided that I didn’t even care anymore! LOL

    Changes: none.

    Keep rising and keep shining!


  33. Hi Jasmin! Yes I agree with most of the people your site is very well put together, you always throw in photos of everything you have experienced and places you have gone I love that! It shows that you are real and that you care for others who have in interest in traveling and fashion you definitly are a rising star!

    Excellent work I dont think you should change anything 🙂


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