Android Atrium Event 7.19.10

[Me and Claudius]

I attended the Android Atrium event the other day and I must say, I do not wear sneakers but these kicks are AMAZING. These kicks don’t even need to be in bright color ways to create shock value, they are absolutely hypnotizing. Want to get your hands on the Android kicks? Head to Atrium on Broadway in Soho!

The event was great, I got to see some old friends and I made some new ones. Everyone was super chill but I have to say, they needed to crank up that damn AC in there. Everyone was sweating profusely, It was so hot in there, I left early lol. I don’t even have great pictures of my self to show you all because I look like a grease ball lololol.

I attended the event with my friend Christian, we have become a dream team lol. I love him so much and I wish I could take him everywhere with me (I do). I wore a Bettie Page Clothing dress with a vintage hat I bought in San Francisco. My bag was the humor to my outfit because it had a cute little english bulldog cameo on the front. I have had this bag for YEARS and I love it so much because of the colorway, stripes, that cute dog, and cricket on the top. The bag matched my dress perfectly and it also matched my vintage shoes that I desperately need to bring to the shoe-maker lol.

These are the kicks, aren’t they beauties! Guys, step your shoe-game up!


Ariel and Christian. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman at the event, she is an old friend of Christian. She is so incredibly sweet and knows her menswear like nobody’s business.

[Photo taken by William Yan]

Me and Shar! Finally reunited and it feeeellls sooo gooodddd. lol. It was good to see one of my old friends as well! love you girl!

Adrian Farquharson, Mr.Limite himself. He is one of my favorite people in this city, he is an amazing designer and a great friend. I adore him!

Mari J! I love this girl! Mari J is a great jewelry designer and photographer, she’s so multi-talented!

William Yan, someone you all might be familiar with. Will is the jack of all trades!  Check out his website here!

Saw this girl as I was walking out, isn’t she cute!

On our way to the train Christian hadddd to take a picture with the models in front of  Hollister lol. Look at how happy he is 😀 lolol

Good times!


6 Comments on “Android Atrium Event 7.19.10

  1. Ohh, those shoes remind me so much of Marc Jacobs’ sneaks.

    I’m usually not a fan of white shoes, odd, but you pulled the look together very well.

    Looked like a fun event.

  2. That coral color is You meshed Oriental with 1950s with this look. The hat reminds me of the folks out in China! 🙂 So cute!

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