Preview of my shoot with Yumna!

[My favorite faery Christian Civera lmao]

Yesterday I had the pleasure of collaborating with 2 amazing people, my best friend Christian Civera, and a fiercely talented photographer Yumna A. Yumna and I have wanted to work together for sometime now, and looking back at yesterday, I am so glad we made this happen.

Yumna and I discussed ideas for this shoot and came up with a neon safari theme. While I was telling Christian about it over the phone, I had an amazing idea to bring him on board to collaborate with me on the styling of this shoot. Christian is so amazing and came by my house with a big bag full of amazing clothes that tied into the photo shoot Idea PERFECTLY. I literally used everything be brought to my house that day and styled it all within my own wardrobe. This experience really opened my eyes into allowing more people to help me when it comes to wardrobe and styling. I usually do it all by myself and take pride in styling my own gigs because..well..its what I do lol. Now I am more open to the idea of not having to do it all myself because at times it isn’t an easy task.

Yumna is ahead of her game, the woman is a complete photog-genius. Not only is she camera savy but she is also amazing with videography. We worked together so well and her personality is so bright that I know we will be working together again. This wasnt just a shoot, this was a bond between 3 creative people (Christian, Yumna, and I) who know exactly how to create a masterpiece effortlessly. It was such a pleasure to work with her and bond with her on a friendship level. Yumna is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I love when I meet good people! Here are some sneak peek pics and video of the shoot taken by my Christian with my iphone.

Christian made the top I am wearing!

We don’t know why these pics came out all pink and scary eyed but we love it! RAWR! Wait…how pretty is Yumna..isn’t she a doll?

Someone brush my hair pleasssse lol

Neon Safari! Wepa!

Heres a video sneak peek!

Cant wait to show you all the pics! Stay tuned!


12 Comments on “Preview of my shoot with Yumna!

  1. ahh i love the video! can’t wait to see the pictures doll! I need to start doing video’s!

  2. You are amazing…. love love love the shoes in your video… & your neon blue with leopard outfit up top.. ❤

  3. Ahhh. I got a little wistful ‘cuz I remembered the gift giver of the shoes. Whatever. Glad the shoes are still by your side. The way you styled the scarves/fabrics is stunning. Reminds me of middle eastern/belly dancer/Egyptian ruler!

    Christian, xoxo!
    Yumna, I can’t wait to see the photos.

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