Rockabilly Hob Nob at Self Edge!

The other night I received a surprising text from some old friends that I met on Bettie Page cruise in 09‘.  I was so excited that they were in town to play (they are in Rockabilly bands) and I didnt have to go all the way to Vegas to see them again. “Omar and the Stringpoppers” and “Will and the Highrollers” are the bands I met on the cruise. They are really cool talented down-to-earth guys. My mom and I missed them so much along with everyone else we met on the cruise so I invited her to come. My mother loves the lifestyle too, so it was great to have her there with me. The guys missed her so much, it was the cutest thing.

Omar and the Stringpoppers played in front of Self Edge on Orchard Street and Rivington. Self Edge is an AWESOME menswear store that has such an authentic classic 1950’s/Indie biker feel to it. I nearly died when I saw the old clocks, saloon doors, vintage inspired button downs, spectator shoes, and perfectly tailored jeans and pants. Even the customer service was perfect, the guys who run the shop are really friendly. Any guy who shops at a store like Self Edge receives major cool points from me because its like nothing I have seen here in NY.

The rockabilly Hob Nob at Self Edge was such an amazing experience. It is so nice that Self Edge brought the west coast to us. It felt so good to have the lifestyle I love, in my city. I feel like both coasts can learn from each other and this was definitely an eye-opener to everyone in the lower east side who has never seen or heard a rockabilly band. Everyone was dressed up in their best vintage, people were jiving and bopping, and everyone networked and mingled amongst each other. I met so many amazing people who I never knew existed here in NY that follow the same lifestyle so it was an eye-opener for me as well.

While I was walking around Orchard Street I stumbled across other really cool Vintagy shops that I have never seen. David Owens is a great little shop that has amazing Bathing suits, furs, dresses, jewelry, and hats from almost every era. Of course I fell in love with almost everything but I am on a shopping diet lol.

How cute is this bathing suit!

Loved the vintage decor and it was for sale!

Loving all of these hats!

Speaking of hats, there is also a hat shop on Orchard and they are having a sale!

Next to Self Edge is a cute Lingerie shop that sells lots of old school under garments. I love the old signage on the window display.

That’s me and Greg, he’s plays the cello for Will and the High Rollers. I love him, he is the sweetest guy ever!

Caught off guard in my Betsey Dress, Jessica Simpson shoes, vintage Bag and earrings.

The High Roller crew!

This handsome and charming fella is Omar. ❤

He had every girl drooling watching him and the band rock out.

Look at Greg, Omar, and Corey go!

It is so funny I bumped into my gals Sarah and Ingrid there! It was so good to see them!

Love her dress and cat-eyed glasses!

This woman is a pioneer!

I loved this woman’s two piece pin-up suit. So CUTE.

How cute is her top!

Adorable polka dot jumper!

Sonia and Tony, a cute rockabilly couple from Fort Green!

Good times!

11 Comments on “Rockabilly Hob Nob at Self Edge!

  1. Great stuff. I think I know where I am getting my new shoes! 😀

  2. omg ive been to the david owens vintage shop and absolutely loved it. i fell in love with the bathing suit behind the one you took a picture of but its so pricey in there. i even spoke to the owner and he was telling me the background of everything. told me how all the clothes were his wife’s. how cute. anyways i love your blog. keep doing what you do best.

  3. 1. Guys in spectators=swoon.
    2. Your hair looked amazing.
    3. Omar? Oh, Omar. Uh, handsome.

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