Yesterday was a long and eventful day full of amazing events and surprises. First we (Derek and I) were off to the Silvia Ji exhibition but we missed it :(. Turns out the exhibition was over at 6 and that’s the time we got there. To kill time before Graffolution we headed to our favorite spot, Artichoke pizza where we nom nom nom’d on pizza and fried oreo’s from Led Zeppole <3. Then we were off to Graffolution, a really awesome exhibit in midtown. The art work was phenomenal and it was so nice to see old friends and make new ones at this event. My favorite piece is the one above, this is the she-cat from Tom and Jerry. I love how they sex’d her up and gave her pasties! I knew my day was going to be stacked full of greatness so I wore a Stop Staring dress, Dolce and Gabanna red pumps, my vintage Gianni Versace x Warhol purse, Gazelle shades, and my Evol Heist Fo-sachi earrings. I wanted to clash the 1980s with the 1950s and it worked! For more details and pics take a look inside!

My favorites.

Love this M.I.A piece.

A warped NY! ❤

How pretty are these!


Go John Go!

After the Exhibit we went to Barramundi bar in l.e.s. Here is where you can actually see my whole 1950s x 1980s mashup outfit.

Puerto Rican butter pecan!

Derek, my best friend whom I love to DEATH.

Derek’s sweet friend, he was so cool!


Evol Heist Fo-sachis!

Gianni Versace mami!


Pretty collorrrrsss..

After Barramundi’s we came across a store called “Live Fast” on 57 Clinton Street. It was soooo cute! I was so excited to come across a store that was so psychobilly as we don’t have many stores like that in NY. It seems the culture is spreading and stores like these are the places to shop in for great pin-up apparel and accessories.

The artwork in the shop was fabulous and soooo rock and roll, I loved it.

Some cute hand-made accessories by the store owner.

Polka Dot tutus!

Hair bows or bow ties, it’s whatever you want!

Sugar Skulls!

Eyeballs! Yum!

I love the rarity of the items sold at Live Fast, I have never seen stuff like this anywhere.


Loveee this T-shirt!

Lol at that chucky bag.

That’s the owner fasting the corset, yes, CORSETS! She sells amazing corsets and waspies there!

Down stairs from the shop Live Fast was a fetish photography exhibit, who knew!

This photo was my favorite.


I love her hair!

The artist himself Bobby babe! Loved him!

Work it!

Good times!


14 Comments on “Graffolution!

  1. fantastic at at graffolution and you dont need me to tell you how jaw dropping you looked in that getup doll!

  2. First, that dress is stunning on you..

    Now the art, the Mia piece and the other portraits #42 and the one beside it, AMAZING!

  3. The art. The art. The art. The warped NY is so decent.

    Oh, and I’m gonna need you to send me some of that artichoke pizza you and Derek are always feasting on!

  4. You looked amazing! I love your nails in addition to the entire look. Your claws looked fun, but these suite you so well.

  5. now THAT is my kinda night! and of coarse, youre smashing as usual.

  6. I absolutely adore your style! This look is amaaazing! One can’t help but be inspired by your creativity.

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