Rainy days cant bring be down.

I really hate rainy days so when it rains I try to dress up in bright or soft colors to uplift my spirits. On rainy days you will hardly see me in black or gray simply because it just adds negativity to my mood (unless I really am in a terrible mood). Today I decided to wear a vintage floral romper with my Dolce and Gabanna pink raincoat. My hair was a crazy mess this morning and I just happened to have a vintage head scarf that matched my outfit perfectly. I also put on my vintage floral earrings that have been sitting in my jewelry box along with my vintage beige pumps & this cute clutch I got at the salvation army a few years ago. Rainy days schmainy days!


9 Comments on “Rainy days cant bring be down.

  1. PRETTY!
    can you please do a make-up post?
    your eyeliner is divine, please share 🙂

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