Femme Fatal: by Alejandro Perez

[Photos by Alejandro Perez, MUA, Hair stylist, Wardrobe stylist by Jasmin Rodriguez (Me)]

I know many of you have been anticipating the release of these photos and now they are finally here! I had the pleasure of working with Alejandro Perez a few months ago at a studio in Manhattan. We seriously created magic collaborating with this shoot. At the time I was going through a very resentful time in my life where I wasn’t myself. These pictures aren’t supposed to be “pretty”, they are portraying exactly how I felt at that time, numb and angry at the world. We all have our moments, hell we all have our phases where we just say “fuck the world”. I happen to have those moments quite frequently. This is my tribute to people all over the world who have been busting their asses following their dreams, moving forward from broken hearts, fighting for their independence, fighting against conforming, and staying true to themselves in a world where anything even “remotely” different is ridiculed or not even valued. Cheers to you and your strength. FUCK THE WORLD.

To see more photos click below.

Jacket: Top Shop   Belt: Kiki De Montparnasse   Body suit & Stockings: Agent Provocateur   Shoes: Top shop

Neck piece & Belt: Kiki De Montparnasse   Dress: Piko

Feather Bolero: Diesel Black Gold Runway piece   Necklace: Betsey Johnson   Leather pants: Kiki De Montparnasse

Gloves: Agent Provocateur

If you haven’t already seen the teaser video and would like to see it click here.


22 Comments on “Femme Fatal: by Alejandro Perez

  1. wow! just wow! so gorgeous in every shot. where the hell do you put all your hair to get the wig looking so neat!?

  2. The hottest shoot so far ^_~ keep doing your thing sexy lady!!!

    amazing accessories; I died!

    Muahz ❤

  3. ahh! Alejandro is such an amazing photographer and such an awesome guy! love these photos ;]

  4. BAM! This was a very sexy shoot!

    Did you really light the cig or was that editing in after the shoot?

  5. Ooo, i can’t decide which i love more the photo with the feathers and the crosses or the one with just the bodysuit, beautiful x

  6. Ay Mami! You are smokin’ hot! I am at ahh with your photos they are breath taking hun. So dark, mysterious, and of course DANGEROUS, it is so different so high fashion! You have incredible skills girl, love your photo shoot cant wait to see your next one. Will there be another one on the way? I hope so I know alot of photographers that will kill to shoot you.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl you keep getting better & better!

    STUNNING! great work xx

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