Brunch with friends!

Our friend Katrina was in town for the week so Danielle, Mimi, Katrina, and I all had brunch at Vintage (isn’t that a coincidink!) in the upper west side. This cute little spot had great food, drinks, and customer service. We had the cutest waiter named Matty who entertained us with his great sense of humor and charismatic personality. It was nice to just sit back, relax, and just enjoy hanging out with girls. However, I went to the brunch in a simple ensemble inspired by Alexander McQueen/Charlie Chaplan. Mimi and Danielle looked lovely in their floral print dresses and Katarina looked chic in her cute fedora and floral top.

We had such a great time and I caught all of the fun on my Iphone. Here are the pics I took with Hipstamatic and a silent video I taped! Click Keep Reading below!

The lovely Miss Mimi Loubou

Seriously. how cute is she?

Danielle works the hair flower, she’s such a doll!

Katrina with her NY glow ❤

Me…well…being me. lol

The only thing missing from this photo is a little mustache lolol

Mimi Gardener!

Vinny Chainsaw.

Dani Fierce.

Katrina flowers.


Introducing, me..and Mimi’s stupid finger lol. Oh and that’s a bottle of Carta Vieja.

Mimi had the giggles.

Where’s my cane?

Good times!


4 Comments on “Brunch with friends!

  1. Dsng! Those iPhone pics are amazing, and Mimi looks like a model!!

  2. The pictures came out lovely! I want that damn ap!! Loved meeting you and Mimi 🙂

  3. your picture reminds me of the characters in Clock Work Orange …i think it has to do with the eye make up.. if you haven’t watched the movie, please do so.

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