Mode Merr x Mitzi & Co. [Behind the scenes]

Yesterday I had my first real pin-up shoot with an actual pin-up photographer Mitzi & Co for Mode Merr.

It was so much fun and I met some really good people, here are some pictures I took with my Iphone.

The cute red head is one of the other models, her name is Jessamyn and she is so sweet! The lady in the sweater is Julia who is part of the MM team, I love that woman. The other red head with the rainbow shirt is Rockwell Devil, the makeup and hair stylist of the shoot. And Crouched below is Mitzi taking a pic of one of the other models.

I am usually scared to have people do my hair and makeup because of a few experiences in the past. I always get the makeup artists that cake the face way too much and hair stylists who can’t deal with the length and heaviness of my hair lol. Low and behold I decided to take a chance. Miss Rockwell Devil did an amazing job with my hair and makeup. I told her when I get famous I am going to hire her and have her live with me so I never have to do my hair and makeup again. This girl is the jack of all trades, she does it all!

Look at all of these goodies!

This is a pic of Julia and I. I absolutely love her to death. I’m so sad I didn’t get a picture of Angela, the Co-founder of Mode Merr, but you guys will see the results soon!


6 Comments on “Mode Merr x Mitzi & Co. [Behind the scenes]

  1. I am so excited to see the reaults I know your photos are going to be very cute!

  2. Your hair and makeup look fabulous, dahhhling! Ok. Or was that too much?

    But seriously. Great hair. Great makeup. And what? iPhone? You moved over from Blackberry, huh? Nice!

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