Deals in Delaware, Delawhat, Delawho?

Last Thursday I left to Delaware to spend some time with my family. Delaware is my getaway close to home. I have been trying to go to my aunt’s house forever and now I finally have the time to do that. When I wasnt working out swimming laps at the pool in her community, I was resting, planning, and thinking on her patio. Sometimes It is good to get away so you can think easier and plan ahead. When we weren’t working out at the gym or swimming in the pool we were stopping by the shops. Ok, I have to say I have met my match when it comes to shopaholic’s……..MY GRANDMOTHER. This woman knows exactly what she wants when she shops and I realized I not only get it from my mother, but from my grandmother too! I have to admit, I didn’t think I would find anything in Delaware till I hit the Christiana Mall and the local Goodwill. There were sale signs everywhere! It was so tempting! Here are the goodies I found!

While I was bored out of my mind at Macy’s waiting for the cashier to ring up my grandmothers sale, I decided to skip on over to the shoe section. It was shoe-sale heaven! I found 2 pairs of Jessica Simpson pumps to DIE for. My grandmother found a pair of shoes too (she is so cute)! Despite what anyone may think of Jessica Simpson, she makes great comfortable sexy shoes. I couldn’t resist buying these both and they were 65% off! My total was $60 when I purchased both shoes! DEAL!

I love the bow and the straight thick heel on these, they are my favorite. These pics really do the shoes no justice.

These are good basic shoes (that I needed). They look very old-fashioned and I like that.

H&M was also having a sale and I purchased a pair of basic harem pants and a cute high-waisted short skirt. The harem pants were only $10 and the skirt was $15! I wore the harem pants a lot out there in Delaware, they are so comfortable.

Then I was off to my aunts local goodwill so she could drop off bags of clothing (she’s such a good Samaritan). I decided to go in while she did that :).

Almost left with both of these till I realized I have something like both of them at home! $4.99 each!

This would have been a perfect purchase If I was a size 10. 😦

I have been eyeing furniture lately ;)..I happen to find the best antiques at Goodwill and Salvation army. This chair was $20!

This is a cute picture frame cupboard thing lol. I fell in love with it when I saw it and bought it for my aunt because she likes elephants. $4.00

My favorite item I found at Goodwill was this carousel heart necklace, so cute! $4.99

I also found a beautiful pearl necklace for the same price. This will definitely come in handy.

I bought some other stuff from the mall and I bought a necklace for my grandmother at Goodwill. I also purchased a new phone and am now part of the iphone team lol. I just didn’t get to take pictures of them. The best part of it all is that there is NO TAX in Delaware!

Here are some flicks from the rest of my trip, I didn’t take many.

My toes say hello. This pool was phenomenal.

This bumble bee was buzzing next to me by the pool side.

My aunt and my grandmother catching shade. I love you guys!


8 Comments on “Deals in Delaware, Delawhat, Delawho?

  1. Yep! I love the Jessica Simpson heels and have them in red and purple. I found them at Macy’s for $20 each! Yay! Glad you had fun!

  2. Gorgeous pics. I love how you tell a story. The black ruffle shoes are fabulous!

  3. Totally spotted those Jessica Simpson ankle-strap pumps in Macy’s Herald Square and almost bought them, I thought “Jasmine would love these!” They look fabulous on you, girl 🙂

  4. Love the shoes with the bow and yes I got the same Harems. They are sooo comfy for real

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