Vintage Finds: My weekly SA run!

So lately I have come to the realization that my little sister has been wearing all of my salvation army high-waisted shorts behind my back lol. After realizing this I decided to head to the Salvation Army in my neighborhood to get her a few pairs of her own. I bought her 3 pairs of shorts and a cute high-waisted skirt. In the mix of it all I found a ton of stuff that I liked for myself. Here are the photos.

Look! spotted a Rodarte for Target top at Goodwill on my way to the Salvi!

This jumpsuit would have been so dope if it was my size. Darn. Off to the Salvi~!

How cute is this basket purse! I love the polka dot lining and the crochet strawberries in the front. $2.99

I am not a fan of too many colors but this jackets fit and structure caught my attention for the win! I plan to find the perfect pair of navy blue high-waisted shorts to compliment this jacket. $4.99

I am crazy about stripes but this was way too big for me.

Harem pants is my “sweat pants” attire, It’s the closest thing to leisure wear for me. I absolutely LOVE harem pants. These were just $3.99

These cute slacks will be beneficial in the winter with my brown riding boots and a cute blazer. The waist fits me just right at $6.99.

Ok so I loved the fit on this dress but figured I didn’t really need it because I have one just like it at home, not bad for the price but I had to leave this one behind.

These shorts however left with me! I figured these would be useful for a fetish inspired photo shoot of some sort. $2.99

Clothes, clothes, clothes!

I fell in love with these Anne Klein shoes! I love the daisies! $10.99

Lately I have been also checking out furniture for my friends who just moved in to their new apartments, isnt this chair divine?! The beautiful Victorian fabric caught my eye as well as the structure of the chair. just 39.99!

On the way out I found a cute H&M top and cute high-waisted shorts! $2.99 each!

You don’t have to pay expensive prices for style!


10 Comments on “Vintage Finds: My weekly SA run!

  1. Super cute. I esp love the Jacket and the H&M top. But isn’t this post missing your sister??! But hey I guess you featured her ass enough on your blog hun? lol JK LOVE U BRITTANY!

    • LOL Brittany had an attitude.

      Those red shorts are awesome. But with my hips and booty I’d look like an overgrown tomato.

  2. I have that same Rodarte top. I <3's it! awesome finds girl. =) we needa hang soon!

  3. it’s funny how so many people pay soooo much money when the best things you can find at a thrift store,you always impress me Jasmin

  4. I love all this stuff! I’ve been meaning to make a salvation army trip. There is one near my office so maybe after work. Hmmm…. 😉

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