Agent Provocateur Rain Coat!

This lovely raincoat was a gift from my friend Crystal! We met for lunch the other day and she greeted me with a giant Agent Provocateur bag with a big AP box inside and I nearly died when I opened it and saw this beautiful raincoat I have been gagging over since It hit the stores. I couldn’t believe it and am so thankful, she is such an amazing friend. This raincoat is special not only because my friend gave it to me but because it has garters inside of the coat that attach to your stockings! This coat is scandalous and it is to be worn with lingerie but I will wear it as outerwear till some lucky guy comes along and can make the garters useful ;). I have one in pink by Dolce and Gabanna so now I can use them both to benefit whatever color I am wearing on a rainy day! Check it out!

how cute is this!

I love the way the skirt of the coat is ruffled!

Garters! and the coat is lined so your skin doesn’t stick to the fabric!

These are hold-up stockings but you get the point ūüôā

I never thought I’d anticipate a rainy day!

Visit the Agent Provocateur store!


15 Comments on “Agent Provocateur Rain Coat!

  1. Wait is this the rain coat that coast 850$ ??? I’ve seen it online..ur friend must love u a lot to buy a expensive coat.

  2. omg, it was instant love once I saw the rain coat and then it was instant sadness once I saw the price =(.

    It looks fab on you =)

  3. Too cute.!! I have a pink rain coat too but this one is so sexy/ classy. I wanna steal it from your closet, lol. What a great gift.!

  4. love it! you can make anything look good! Great gift and what a wonderful friend!

  5. Heeeeyyy! I love the Happy Pompadour, the coat, annnnnnd the garters. Mmhmm forget pleasing a man. I’d rock those garters to please myself. Or….did that not sound too good?

    Annnnnd your friend ppprretty much makes the friend of the month award!

    I hope a rainy day comes your way. I bet your fellow New Yorkers would want to stone me if they knew I was crossing my fingers for rain.

  6. Honestly this jacket doesn’t have my interest because I don’t have short arms like the rest of you lil hoes but I wanted to say that you rocked this shoot with your facial expressions and radiant smile.


  7. I am sooooo in love with your rain coat, it so sexy the garters won me over!

  8. Where can I get this!???? I am moving to England and need a coat. WANNNT THIS

  9. I wish I could find a less expensive version of this have you found any other sexy raincoats?

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