Vintage Finds: San Francisco/LA

California is my absolute favorite place to shop. I am convinced that Cali has the best vintage and the best shops ever. Until I visit other places and shop there, Cali still holds the title. LA has great vintage shops along with a few cute trashy shops down town, San Diego has a great mall and a few cute shops on the pier, and San Francisco has great vintage stores all over the place! San Francisco has definitely stole my heart for the win though, the vintage stores were so organized, the clothing was in such great condition, and every time I went into a vintage shop I was engulfed with treasure. I feel like a little girl in a candy store every time I shop in California.

Here are the goodies I found from my San Francisco trip!

Ink and Iron

Remember when I said I purchased a MobStar tee from one of the Vendors at Ink and Iron. How awesome is this shirt!?

Look at my Iron Fist shoes! So cute!

Haight Street

Haight Street is where I did the most damage to my bank account. I knew the minute I visited Wasteland that it would be a problem. I love the Wasteland in LA so this was no different.

I got this dress at a cute little vintage shop, cant remember what It was called. Dresses from the 40’s-60’s always fit me perfectly. This one makes me feel like a faery/Ballerina.

I tried on a whole bunch of dresses at WasteLand and left all of them behind except for 2 Diane Von Furstenburg dresses that were so comfortable and sexy I couldn’t leave them behind. I love the colors and the patterns of both of them.

I purchased this vintage swimsuit and the pink dress above at the same shop. After trying 23897239 swimsuits this one was the winner.

I found this cute Hawaiian ensemble at Wasteland, so cute!

Got these cute 1950’s crop tops at a cute funky shop that reminded me of Patricia Field’s. One in brown and one in green, perfect for high waisted things!

I purchased these earrings at the same shop, so cute and classic!

I purchased this hat at Goodwill. I love hats like this, I had to leave with it. It goes perfect with the new Aztec poncho I purchased at the same shop (below)

This dress was staring at me from the rack, the metallic gray color is hypnotizing.

I love turquoise and black together, this hat is a fabulous combination of everything I love. I found this one at Mystery Mister.

I found these two Guy Laroche shades at Wasteland and after 10 minutes of debating one or the other I just left with both!

I also purchased some really cute Stuart Weitzman shoes there. I fell in love with the purple textile and old-fashioned look.

I bought this hat right when I was ready to pay for all of my stuff at Goodwill, ADORABLE!

Mission District

I don’t really pay attention to the Lingerie section of vintage shops but I could resist buying this angelic nighty! The iridescent turquoise color is so beautiful and the fabric is heavenly. I couldn’t model this because it’s completely see-through but it’s so beautiful on.

I went crop top crazy! I got this top at the Mission Thrift along with the next few items.

I went crazy for the cool shades at the Mission Thrift. I used almost all of them on my trip!

lol I thought these were funny but they look so damn good when on red lipstick.

Big cat eyes!

What better color of a swimsuit than navy blue! I felt like a true pin-up in this one!


I have been searching for a bowler hat for forever and I found one that is just my size and authentic vintage by Beaver Hats! I found this at Buffalo Exchange.

I found this leather MC vest at Retro City (vintage shop) on my way out, it’s so awesome because the shoulders point right up and has fur on the inside. These pics do it no justice!

Remember that hat shop in Berkeley? yeah that’s where this hat is from. Its my new favorite! I adore this shape and the cute bow on the back.

How cool are these pants! I found these at Buffalo Exchange and loved the colors! Ironically they even match my new shoes I bought at Wasteland!

I got this comfortable ensemble at Buffalo exchange too. The top and the harem pants are great simple pieces for my closet.

Other places in SF

These are goodies I found at Jen Ann Tonics garage sale!

The purse is like a treasure chest, the Dia De los Muertos bangle is adorable, the pin-up bracelet is super cute, the Elvgrin book is perfect for my book collection, and that little skeleton hand in there fits perfectly on top of my shelf with a skull head I purchased in Mexico.

Doesn’t the hand fit perfectly! The purse too!

I found 2 pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes at a small, almost unnoticeable Vintage/consignment shop on our way back to Edsons loft. Edson was actually the one who spotted the boxes and when I looked inside them I found these two pairs of really cute discrete LV sneakers. I’m not big on noticable Louis Vuitton prints and these were just perfect. I bought one pair for my sister and took one pair for myself. These are mine.

These below are my sisters. Her 16th Birthday is next month and this is exactly what she wanted!

She loved them and was in total shock lol!

Below is a necklace I purchased at this street fair on the same block as our hotel at Long Beach.

It’s a mink skull and I’m sorry god but I couldn’t resist. Please don’t send me to hell for believing this is beautiful.

I bought this belt and this bag at Lulu’s Vintage store/salon. The belt and the bag were a winner at the Ink and Iron convention when I paired them both with a dress I got in LA! The bag was my favorite staple item out of everything I bought. Its vintage, its huge, and its in great condition.

That’s it for now. Where will I be traveling to next?

Stay tuned!


4 Comments on “Vintage Finds: San Francisco/LA

  1. I love how she said great “simple pieces.”
    Child aint nothing simple about that look.
    Loooved it! Especially the way the bustier shimmered! Speaking of shimmer, the metallic dress, FAB!

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