V.V is Cover Girl of Audra Catalogue!

Photos by: Mari J
A few weeks ago my friend Danielle asked if she could interview me for her new website “Audra Catalogue“. Danielle has written for many great magazines and newspapers such as Honey and The New York Times and was now taking on a path of her own. Danielle and I met a while ago and I can honestly say that she is not only an amazing writer but an amazing friend. Thank you for having me be a part of your world.
More photos and details inside!
“Jasmin’s future is just as bright as her optimistic eyes and we can’t wait to see her fabulous destiny unfold. “I really don’t know where my life is going and I think that’s exciting. I’m not even scared. I’m never going to quit. I’m going to have to die to stop trying. It’s just not going to happen. My way of getting the struggle and the pain off of my chest is to be creative and productive. I think the only way to fill up that empty void that we all have and are born with, is to follow our dreams and everything that makes us happy.”

Click here to see the full on story!

This dress is a Betsey Johnson sample, which means its like 1 of 2 or 3 ever made. I got my hands on it while I was working for the company along with other samples. The shoes are  by Casadei, they have huge crystal hearts on them! The hair bow thing is from an Agent Provocateur window display :).

This is the skirt I purchased from Mango! The shirt is a California shirt my friend Clare gave me while out in LA. The hat is vintage ❤



8 Comments on “V.V is Cover Girl of Audra Catalogue!

  1. Nice interview and post. Keep doing your thing, your time will come.

  2. You were definitely an incredible interview! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of YOUR world! I love you Jas!

  3. Hi Jasmin! Your photos came out beautifully, congrats on the interview you so deserve it girl!

  4. amazing as usual….love the pix especially love the bathing suite …….keep up the good or should i say great work xoxo

  5. you look so so beautiful and the clothes are to die for! please please please do a makeup post, where you share your tips and favorite colors/products.

  6. I second that. i’m dying to know what your makeup routine is….your face always looks flawless 🙂

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