Part two of my trip: INK AND IRON!

On to the second part of my trip in California, Ink and Iron! After a 4/5 hour road trip down a highway with an amazing view we were now in Long beach, Los Angeles. Andrea and I stood at the Best Western hotel just a mile away from the Queen Mary where the convention is held. Long Beach was clean, the shops were cute and artsy, and the service at our hotel was amazing. Desi and Edson stood at the Hilton near the Queen Mary as well. Andrea and I were so worn out but couldn’t wait to attend the Ink and Iron event! This was especially a big deal for me as I wasnt able to attend Viva Las Vegas this year. I can’t go too long without seeing hot rods, hot guys with pomps, girls in pretty vintage dresses, and rockabilly music and culture.

After attending I realized how different VLV is from Ink & Iron, this event was more psychobilly/rock and roll than VLV. Psychobilly is more of a rock and roll/heavy metal approach to rockabilly culture. Viva is really true to the rockabilly culture emphasizing vintage, rockabilly bands, burlesque shows, Jiving competitions, and is a tad bit classier if you know what I mean. Regardless, I still got to see hot rods, hot guys, great vendors, and still had an amazing time! I also made a lot of new west coast friends! I Networked my ass off when I was over there, telling everyone about my website so stay tuned for what’s in store for! This post includes my FAVORITE vendors, classic cars, amazing people, and some extra experiences along the way.

Day one.

On the first day I wore my favorite Karen Millen dress with my new bag from Lulu’s vintage shop/salon and my hat from the hat shop in Berkeley. (you get a sneak peek;)

Cuban Legged stockings of course.

Everyone check out Andrea’s transformation to a Pin-up!! I did her hair and makeup and she picked out a cute outfit! 

Off to Ink and Iron!

I LOVE sugar skulls!

SO CUTE! is an amazing company that takes really old images and monster-ifies it. The images were so cool horrifying, and innovative and the artist was super sweet.

This is Emily, she was so sweet!

Mobstar had the best T-shirts at the convention, I loved them so much I bought one! I fell in love with an image of a Dia De los Muertos inspired pin-up on one of his Tees and was SOLD! (see the image below) All of his images were incredible and his tees were reasonably priced. You guys have to check out his stuff by visiting his website

Purrfect Pineapples brings a sugar and spice approach to lingerie with cupcakes, ice cream, cake, and candy corsets, bras, and panty sets. I nearly died when I took a look at Purrfect Pineapple’s collection and wanted to buy the whole tent! Everything is hand crafted to perfection and fits so well I might have to give this designer her own post! Check out the website!

Omg I melted when I saw these barbers cutting hair in their 1950’s inspired outfits. 3rd one to the left cutting that guys hair- yeah..he was cute.<3

La Pachuca! If you saw my post of Viva Las Vegas from last year, I told you all about this amazing line. Julian Mendoza is an incredible artist that is responsible for the beautiful designs on La Pachuca T-shirts and Tanks. His work was so beautiful I couldn’t leave his booth! Below is a picture of me and the founder of La Pachuca, she is so talented and I love watching her line grow.

This is Gustavo, another great artist at the convention. This picture is of him painting LIVE! His paintings caught my eye instantly and from these pictures you can see why. The clown was my absolute favorite. His pinups were all so gorgeous! Please visit his myspace for more info.

Breath taking!

How cute are these little illustrations at a random booth I stopped by.

How BEAUTIFUL is this! Noah’s work was simply hypnotizing.  Check out more of Noah’s work on his website!


Iron Fist was HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE vendor of the entire place and I think it is self explanatory- look at the shoes! After buying my first Iron Fist zombie pumps at Viva last year I became hooked! Andrea and I were drooling over the current Iron Fist shoes and were fortunate enough to see future styles that are to die for (literally)! Iron Fist impressed me completely with their selection of sexy shoes that advertised great artwork and sassy patterns. You know I had to get myself a pair of those green leopard pumps ;). Even the apparel such as bags, clutches, tee shirts, and even the mens stuff were to die for. I also have to mention the amazing customer service Andrea and I endured while we were admiring this booth. A gentleman named Ryan helped us and was incredibly sweet and informative. Ryan was genuine and perfectly explained the brand and what it was about. I definitely have to give Iron Fist a spotlight on soon. This brand deserves its own post so stay tuned because this wont be the last time you hear about Iron Fist on Just check out the pics below 😉

Also check out the Iron Fist Website/blog!

it was shoe heaven!

How pretty is the graphic on these booties!?

Eye balls!


Yes please!

Lmao, I loved the menswear.

The Car show!

How beautiful are these cars!

Doesn’t this look like a painting? It’s not!

Best in show!

Gotta love those old motorcycles.

Street Fair!

Andrea and I were so exhausted we left the convention early to find out there was a flea market on the street of our hotel! You know we had to attend, so we ran up stairs, changed into more comfortable clothes, and ran down to the fair!


I bought this little comfortable ensemble at the Buffalo exchange in Berkeley. The glasses are from the Mission Thrift, this is number 2 of 3. You got a sneak peek 😉

Check out Andrea’s new glasses, aren’t they cute!

This guy carves art into wood, so amazing!

100 dolla dolla bills yalllll.

Look at the hat!

Cute pillow at a great vendor tent!

A necklace caught my eye in this tent.

I was going to buy that jaw but chose another one instead.

A necklace with a Mink head! I know some of you might hate me for this but I really fell in love with it.

Pinup Lifestyle meetup dinner!

After we shopped at the flea market, we rested a bit and got ready for the PL meetup dinner at the Yard House by the Queen Mary.

Everyone meet Kandy! A beautiful pin-up princess from the UK who is taking the US by storm! Isnt her hair fabulous and isn’t Desi beautiful? Edson looks really happy to have these two beauties side by side!

Andrea and I<3

Everyone meet Lisa Love, a charming pin-up beauty who is also taking the pin-up world by storm!

All of our phones decked out in PL stickers.

Edson, Lisa, and Desi!

Work it!

Getting sleeeeppppy..

Can I sleep on your arm Andrea?

Day 2.

Bring it on!

Desi in her new beautiful vintage dress, and I in my new vintage belt and bag from Lulu’s Vintage in SF! Fabulousness!

The ladies 😉

That’s Mitzi! an amazing pin-up photographer who is well-known in the industry!

Kandy modeling for Purrfect Pineapples! You go girl, Kandy!

I envy Andrea for her glasses..I want want want!

Quick! Funny Face!

The founder and master mind behind Purrfect Pineapples, Edson founder of pinuplifestyle, and great pin-up model Kandy!

How amazing are her nails! Hello please!

Roller Derby pinups who kick ass!

The pin-up Angels!

Back to the Car Show!

Snake seams!

Can I keep it?

Inside the dome! More classic treasure!

Look at that COLOR!

so cute!

Andrea sassing it up!

I want I want!

Photog’s were everywhere. This is a shot of me getting my photo taken by a photog on this beautiful bike.

This is Mosh, she is my favorite pin-up/alternative model. This girl never takes a bad picture and I told her exactly that. She was so sweet in person!

Desi and the Alt models!

Pinup Contest!

Lisa Love was one of the judges.

These are pics of my favorite girls out of the bunch.

Go ladies!

She was so cute and she made her own dress!

Gia just carried the whole classic look perfectly. Not crazy about too much of the cleavage but I still rooted for her and she eventually won. She was stunning, it was only right!

This Hawaiian looking beauty had a very classy approach to the contest and I rooted for her as well!

All of the contestants.

Congrats ladies!

Then I was off to NY!:(

Stay tuned for my “Vintage Finds: San Francisco/Ink&Iron” post coming next!


10 Comments on “Part two of my trip: INK AND IRON!

  1. Now that’s what I call a vacation! Nicely done and it looks like you had a ball.

  2. Great review of the show! Glad you liked our stuff and thanks for the support! And yes, that is how we do it here in Southern Cali!

  3. Nice! I’m glad you had fun, and hopefully you’ll get to make another trip out here. Do you know if the photographer that took your pic will publicize your photo anywhere?

  4. this looks like so much fun! I’m glad you had a good time. Did you see the Reverend Horton Heat?

  5. damn i missed some sick shopping being a lazy bum by the pool. saved my wallet some trouble tho! great pix i want that mobstar tee

  6. I loved reading about your trip to Cali. I love the way you documented everything with pics and commentary. Your website is awesome and has become my primary resource for all things pin-up. I think I’m hooked!

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