My trip to San Francisco!

I have been dying to go to San Francisco to see what its like and the opportunity arose when my friend Desi and Edson from invited us to stay in their lovely home and explore their hometown. I couldn’t resist taking them up on the opportunity and invited my friend Andrea to come along. Andrea was great company throughout my trip and girl can COOK!

My love for LA took a backseat the minute I stepped foot in San Francisco. I fell in love with the art, the shops, and the city. San Francisco reminded me of an old New York, with cleaner streets, better shops, and everything in its original condition. The architecture was INCREDIBLE; old movie theaters, buses, and land marks that havent been modernized made me feel like I was back in time. I had finally realized that this could be my home away from home and I wont be alone, I now have such great friends (Desi & Edson) who live there. Andrea and I had such a great time. Edson and Desi took us to the best places. If I could relive this trip over and over again, I would in a heart beat. We are so thankful for Desi and Edson who made this possible! Here are pictures and more details on my trip.

Day one.

NOTE* All of the shops in this post arent even HALF of the shops we visited. Some we couldnt take pictures in.

Andrea missed her flight and I got to SF a little earlier than her so to kill time, Edson and I went shopping! What better thing to do!?

We stopped by a Goodwill on our way to the Mission District.

That tall guy is Edson, he’s awesome and wait till you see his beautiful lady Desi!

Vintage pumps at 12 o’clock! How cute are these! Too bad they weren’t my size 😦

(excuse my airplane bum outfit lmao) These were cute too but they bothered the sides of my ankles..I’ll take a loss!

The Mission District

Thrift town was cool, they had tons of clothes, furniture, and really cool cameras!

There were so many beautiful night gowns here, and though I usually ignore them, I had to leave with this one! $14.99

Edson bought this really cool Camera in its original box and condition!

This store was my favorite out of all the stores in the Mission district.

Edson wanted me to get these really bad but I couldn’t fathom ever wearing them lol! I did however find some other glasses and bought 3 pairs! (pics in the next V.V finds post)
This place was stocked full of goodies and so organized! I left with a bathing suit, 3 pairs of glasses, and a cropped top.


Just throw it in the bag!

These are from Mission thrift, a little sneak peek of 1 of the 3 glasses I bought 😉

Driving around-look at this view!

Tiny old house on the tip of the ocean. So cool.

This little munchkin’s name is Anthony (Edson’s son), and I couldn’t adore him more!

Skaters 🙂

Burning man!

Amazing art on our way to Edson/Desi’s pad!
Pixar was just down the street from us!

This is where we stayed…I nearly died and went to heaven when I saw this place.

Their apartment was GORG!

Everyone say hello to Edson, his beautiful lady Desi, and little Anthony! We went to Barney’s to eat!

Hungry Girls!

Getting ready to chomp on our spinach burgers!

Oh man oh man oh man!

Look at little Anthony going in on his burger!

Cutie at the super market!

Day Two.

On our way to take Anthony to school we stopped at a cute bakery for breakfast.

This Bakery was PRETTY AMAZING, just look at my hot chocolate below!

Best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life!


Me and the munchkin.

Aw my last little glimpse of Anthony before he was off to school.

Would ya look at these buses!


I want one!

Everything was in its original state going way back to the 1940’s even earlier!


look at the view from these hills…I die a little every time I look at these pics.

Snack break! Gushers! nom nom nom

The Graffiti in SF was incredible. This is ART.

Andrea was screaming not knowing there was a homeless man next to her…and when I told her “shhhh” she said “o shit!”, saw him, and started cracking

Goes perfect with my skirt, dontcha think?


Castro was a truly beautiful city that celebrates sexuality. Harvey Milk has definitely made his mark on SF and the world as we know it.

How beautiful is this theater? notice they are only playing “Sex and the City”. CUTE & Hilarious!


Andrea running across the street to take pics of a Harvey Milk tribute.


Loved this!

Alamo square has thee most beautiful houses called the Painted Ladies, also shown in the show “Full House”.

Andrea and Edson in front of the “Full House” houses.

I always hated that show. lol

Haight Street

Haight Street was one of my favorite places in SF especially because I fell in love with most of the vintage shops there.

Had to take a picture of this beautiful piece in the parking lot.

Killing time at the Goodwill there till the other shops open. Boy did I find a lot here!

I found a cute hat and a poncho along with a dress and another hat that was hot pink. (pics in the next vintage finds post)

Isn’t this poncho amazing!

Almost left with this fur coat..I regret leaving it behind!

Edson caught me off guard! lol

I wish I was a size 6..could have left home with these vintage babies!

Andrea found this cute travelers dress and a nice brown crochet top (below).

This is the amazing dress I found just staring at me from the rack. Just throw it in the bag!

Edson took this photo with his Iphone 🙂

ATM run! I hate those fees!

Wasteland was a destination I HAD to visit before I came back to NY and I DID! Of course I spent most of my money at this shop, its my favorite!

Shoes galore! I left with a pair of mosaic textiled Stuart Weitzman for Martinique pumps! I also bought 2 pairs of Guy Laroche cat eyed glasses,  2 Diane Von Furstenburg dresses, and a cute Hawiian pin-up 3 piece bathing suit. They didn’t allow us to take pictures so the pics will be in the next vintage finds post.

And we are off to the next shop lmao!

I spotted Banksy!

Dia De los Muertos<3

Doll House Bettie’s didn’t allow us to take pics but it was a cute shop!

Mystery Mister was another one of my favorite shops on Haight, I bought this hat! Look at the decor of this store below!

I should have bought this dress.-_-

How cute is this basket purse!

This store was INCREDIBLE..I couldnt take pics but if I ever win the lottery, I am buying the entire store! The owner was just as fabulous. I have never seen a store with such amazing vintage like this one.

We also went to another shop where I purchased a dress and a cute vintage swimsuit. I also coincidentally bumped into my NY friend Jess there. CRAZY!



Garage Sale!

Edson’s friend Liv invited us to her garage sale. It was my first one and we all found such great goodies!

This is Jen Ann Tonic, she was awesome.

Beautiful Desi!

Look at what Edson found!

Andrea went crazy for all the Disney stuff.

I found a purse that looked like a treasure chest! TREASURE at a garage sale!

I also found a cute Dia De los Muertos bangle, an Elvgrin book, a cute pin-up bracelet, and a nice skeleton hand that would soon hold my rings. All super CHEAP! 🙂

Why didn’t I buy this?

Digging for treasure.

Andrea found cute Xmas tree ornaments and other cute toys for her 2 boys.

Day Three.

This was the front of Ed and Desi’s pad. So beautiful!

Andrea looking pretty in front of the waterfall.

Off to Berkeley..Edson caught me again playing Gameboy!



My favorite shop in Berkeley. I DIED.

So many beautiful hats!
Aren’t these hats wonderful?! The one I bought I didn’t even get a pic of :/.
You go girl!
:sigh: I wanted this one so bad..not in my budget.

Steampunk Edson!

Bat Girl Jaz!

Andrea and I left with so much stuff from this Buffalo exchange. I’m going to tease you all and not show you till the next post. 😉

I left with this Bowler hat, I have been dying to get one for forever!

Lulu’s is a Salon/Vintage shop. So creative!

I purchased two very amazing staple pieces (a vintage purse and belt) from here you guys are going to LOVE!


Isn’t the salon cute?

*On our way back home to pick up Desi and run off to LA, we came across a small vintage shop that appeared to have nothing. Suddenly Edson pointed at two Louis Vuitton boxes I completely ignored and when I opened them it was treasure (two pairs of really cute kicks)! I took both boxes (one for me and one as my sisters B’day gift) and sang hallelujah for such a crazy random experience!

Road trip to LA!

In and out burger was not better than Barney’s!

I did like the hats though 😀




14 Comments on “My trip to San Francisco!

  1. Oh my gosh, this is making me sooo homesick! These are the stores all of my clothing is from haha! And I used to work at Dollhouse Bettie!

  2. You went to all my favorite places. Man. I was just reminded why I love my lovely California. 🙂

  3. How exciting!!! I can’t wait to see the ink n iron photos!!
    I must visit all those shops one day 🙂 now I know where to go 🙂

  4. Oh my Jasmin can we switch lives, darnit why didn’t your mom and I think of this when we were younger,I am so happy Jasmin,you keep enjoying your life to the fullest,but PLEASE with CAUTION,you are AWESOME,to bad so close to me,like 5 hr drive,if i didn’t have any kids boy i be right there with you call me old i don’t care, i love it!!!!!

  5. girl! isn’t Haight Street the best, that Good Will is bomb, same with all Wasteland, there is one on Melrose in LA too, so def hit it up. As well as a few other vintage stores you will HEART big time. You made me miss the Bay in these pics (went to USF)… enjoy!

  6. Awesome post V! Feels like I was there too….and BTW your “bum” airport outfit wasn’t bum at all…you should see what I wear when I travel LOL Glad you had a blast! xoxo

  7. Emeryville!!! That made me smile big, for I’m a huge Pixar fan! Full House houses; dope!!! So happy you got many lovely memories from your trip! Can’t wait for the next post.

  8. the superburner you stood in front of (with your super dope graff skirt on) is by the amazing APEX. i wont nerd out and get into the others.
    im very happy you got some shots in.
    and even more happy you had fun in the west!

  9. I am so jealous you got to go to the Berkley Hat store! I am always on their website looking for hats and wished I could go to the actual store!

  10. omg i cant believe you went to my neck of the woods. i would’ve loved to run into you although i probably would’ve DIED lol. ugh, i’m such a vv groupie. glad your trip was fun!

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