Yumi by Uttam Direct!

This amazing dress is from YumiDirect.com also known as Uttam Direct. The Uttam London brand was founded 10 years ago by Uttam Nepal. Uttam would sell knitwear from his home country of Nepal in Camden Market in London. His amazing hand-made fashions contributed to the growth of his lines popularity at the end of the 1990’s. Uttam is inspired by the east coast  and loves mixing and blending textures, textiles, and ethnic elements of his own. The in-house design team uses techniques such as patchwork, tie-dye, applique, hand-stitched embellishments using beads, sequins and jewels, embroidery, printed knitwear, chiffons and silks to create the unique Uttam style.

Over the years Uttams line was so successful he decided to create a new line called “Yumi” in 2007. Uttams inspiration for Yumi is more of a london based style, however, both Yumi and Uttam are both fashion forward lines that keep you up to date with the hottest trends from all over the world.

My personal views on this dress is that its super cute and super comfortable. It comes in 3 colors, white, black, and gray and has pockets! What girl doesn’t love a dress with pockets! The tiny studded detail adds a little rock and roll to the dress so it fits my personality perfectly. This dress is perfect for the summer!

As a gift to you, Yumi is offering 20% off of Yumi products if you use the promotional code “YUMI“.

To buy this dress click here or any of the images above!

Check out the rest of the collections inside!


Skirts and shorts




Visit the Yumi store!


5 Comments on “Yumi by Uttam Direct!

  1. Hey girl!!!
    Haven’t visited ur site in a while had to catch up, saw everything from a month ago lol…but love the dress very comfy it seems boots bad asss! I remember u got them from ur vegas trip….lookin very happy hun, sending lots of love

  2. Oooh! I fell in love with several cardigans!

    Thanks, Yumi, for the discount!

    I love those boots with the dress, J!

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