Vintage Finds! Goodwill/Salvi in Queens!

Just a normal day in Queens and as I was waiting for my phone to be repaired I did a little snooping on Steinway. Of course I had to visit my favorite local spots, Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I didn’t buy a lot of things because it was before my trip but I scored 2 cute tops and an awesome dress.

I have this dress in a mustard color and I absolutely love it, I have to say its one of my favorite dresses. I came across the same dress at Goodwill in a white and black flowered pattern and I couldn’t resist buying it. Every time Target has a designer line out in stores you can bet your money it will end up in Goodwill and for CHEAP! I bought this dress for $14.99!

How cute is this sailor top! Just $1.99 at the Salvation Army! Blue tag sale!

This top caught my eye immediately. The lace detail is just stunning and I down own too many tops. It’s definitely vintage and fits me like a glove. Not bad at $3.99 .


6 Comments on “Vintage Finds! Goodwill/Salvi in Queens!

  1. Man! I wish the Goodwills down in Atl had clothing like that…hmmm well maybe I’m not looking hard enough

  2. I absolutely ADORE that dress! The mustard one is one of my favessss ( and with the hat you wear with it! ) … I’m working on getting more dresses like this in my warddrobe– they’re so fun and pretty! Yet classy and sexy. I need to get my self to a goodwill and see what I can find

  3. I lovee that dress!! Amazing find, I must go down to a goodwill and salvation army next time I go shopping 🙂
    I also really like that black skirt you’re wearing with the top you found 🙂

  4. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I loooovvve that Target donates to Goodwill. Rodarte, Gaultier, Anna Sui, & Erin Featherstone are all in my possession thanks to the Target/Goodwill collabo!

  5. you are such an inspiration! ( i totally agree with melany about the mustard dress and the hat you wear with it!! that outfit is one of my faves too) =) if it wasnt for you i would`ve never thought to look at a goodwill or salv army store for great finds like these, and lately ive been on a pretty tight budget trying to plan my wedding and all, but thanks to you i can still fulfill my fashion needs and not break the bank!

  6. is that a dress underneath the white blouse? i’m loving that outfit. i have the prefect top but i totally want that dress or skirt or whatever it is. where’d you get that lovely piece?

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