Motel Rocks Pinup Contest!


To win  become a fan of Vintage Vandalizm on facebook and comment this post explaining why you should win this awesome Motel Rocks polka dot dress along with a picture url of your best pin-up outfit before 06/21/10! For those who don’t know how to upload a pic with a url tag visit and upload your pics there. After you upload the picture simply copy the url under “Direct link for layouts” and paste it into the comment box along with a short comment explaining why you should win.

note* when you comment make sure you have a valid email, I can’t reach you if you don’t.

If you dont wish to join the contest you can buy this dress on the Motel Rocks Website.

Dont forget to join Pinuplifestyle and Motel Rocks!

Good luck!


7 Comments on “Motel Rocks Pinup Contest!

  1. Hello! I should win this fantastically adorable dress because I’m going to see Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Barry at the Hootenanny in only 5 weeks and I still have absolutely nothing to wear! I haven’t been able to find the right rockabilly frock and every time I find a good one, it’s way out of my price range (which isn’t much since I work as an intern and get paid in experience) But anyways, this dress is perfect and wonderful and I need it in my life. I already have the perfect shoes to pair with it!

    here’s my best pin up look

  2. Hey I’m sailor Cherry UK pin up & cheesecake model,
    I definately need this cute dress in my life, as i rock the sailor look!
    i have perfect shoes & accessories to match. i will wear it in a photoshoot & look totally amazing.
    the perfect summer dress for my wardrobe!

  3. Hi Jasmin! I should win this dress because I am an obsessor of ALL things pin-up! I have a small collection of vintage/pin-up inspired dresses, I’m sure not even a fraction of yours, but it would fit in perfectly. My MAC Russian red lipstick and a pair of 5.5 inch patent red pumps would love to be best friends with this dress 🙂 I love dressing pin-up because it is a classic style that will never fade. My friend is throwing a big party for the opening of his new tattoo shop and I would love nothing more but to rock this lovely dress for the event. Thank you! xx

  4. Greetings Ms. Jasmin!
    I’m am a huge lover and admirer of vintage fashion and way of life. Which is why I believe that I should win this gorgeous dress. I’ve been obsessed with it from a very early age so as I grew up the vintage/pin-up culture became an authentic facet of my personality. I am a true believer in the old days and I am only 24! Sometimes I would rather stay in & watch “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” or any Marlon Brando film than go out. If I could time travel I would! It was extremely hard to choose just one look, but I chose the most timeless, simple and classic. You can’t deny polka dots and a fabulous BCBG pencil skirt:

  5. Hi again! I am writing again to tell you why I deserve a chance at winning the polka dot dress..I have a unique taste of style just like you I always try to stand out from others and always try new things. I know that if I win that dress I will rock it like no one else would I will give people something to remember you by for sure.. I always give %100 at all I do. Thank you for your time you seem like a cool chick that I can normally talk to. Thank you for your consideration Jasmine take care talk to you soon!

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