Hidden Treasure at MANGO.

Working in the Soho is dangerous for a person like myself. I find myself window-shopping every time I have a lunch break and broke every time I get paid. I often ignore the store fronts of Broadway because of the lack of originality but one store always sticks out like a sore thumb and that’s MANGO. I must say, their window displays always catch my attention every time I walk past that shop. The mannequins are always fab from the wardrobe right down to the hair they put on them. Everything is styled to perfection. Last month I nearly died when I glanced at the window and saw these really amazing tulle skirts. I thought “I must have them”. I went inside the shop and asked if they were selling them and they told me “sorry they are just display props, we don’t sell them in the store. They are from Spain”. I almost cried, but they took my number and told me they would speak to their visual merchandiser and ask. I really had no hope after a while and I was about to make it myself but after a million visits and inquiries about those skirts and driving that store crazy begging them to sell the skirts to me; I finally got a phone call and they sold them to me!!!! I bought an Ivory and black skirt for $60 each, they are worth so much more and you can’t find this style of tulle skirts anywhere. I wish they had a pink one! I have to say, the customer service is great at Mango. They were so sweet and made sure they called me right away before they were all sold. It is such an underrated shop too, I love the clothing they sell there. I am so happy I got a hold of these treasures! I even used one of them in a photo shoot that same day!

Mango now has a customer for life.

Here are the skirts and how I have styled them.

 Cant wait to wear them!

7 Comments on “Hidden Treasure at MANGO.

  1. I noticed something that you had previously stated about yourself in these pictures (in an interview – which, I can no longer find).

    Good stuff!

  2. i always WALK pass mango and never go in, i sure will now! and i really love the skirts, i want the American Apparel ones!! awesome post.

  3. Love those skirts. I like what you did with the black one, I can totally see you rocking that with a tailcoat like a little dandy =)

  4. Awesome blog i am so not a person who reads blogs but i must say u have me totally hooked your style is impeccable and inspiring. Its one of the highlights of my week to read ur blog and see your new finds : )

    • That means so much to me Mimi, thank you so much for reaching out to me and for checking out my blog. I am motivated and inspired by comments like yours, I cant thank you enough.xoxo

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