The Garment Room

My friend Christian has been raving about a vintage shop called The Garment Room for some time now. I haven’t had much time to visit till today and all I can say is “WOW”. The Garment Room is literally a melting pot of magnificent vintage gems, celebrating history and art all in one room. TGR has reconstructed vintage by various designers like Brian Stanziale and restored or resold vintage by designers like Givenchy, YSL, Bill Blass, and Christian Dior. This place is a wonderland for anyone who enjoys having one of a kind pieces.

You can find your entire wardrobe at The Garment Room. They have awesome jewelry, amazing hand bags, really cute shoes, and great clothes for any and every season.

The interior of the shop is covered in beautiful art, even some of the accessories are drenched in paint. The graffiti adds a New York feel to the shop making it feel right at home for some of us born and raised here. The customer service even made you feel right at home. The sales associates and other staff members were very friendly, out going, and sociable. After being assisted by James when I tried on a whole bunch of stuff, I would have to say he is my favorite. 🙂

I am so happy Christian told me about this place.

More pictures and details inside.

A wonderland.

James, isn’t he cute!

Art on clutches.<3

Beautiful Jewelry.

Love those colors and that portrait!

I love florals<3

Stripes and houndstooth!


This jacket was MADE for Christian..He needs it ASAP.

The I-want-your-sekz face. lolol

lovely range of sunglasses!

How cute is this outfit! I told you, you could get your whole wardrobe from this place!

everything but the shoes is from TGR.

Brian Stanziale is a craftsman, this whole section is his work of art. Everything is reconstructed vintage.

These pants are from Brian’s Collection. Not sure if the top is though.

I tried this on for fun, James wanted to see how it looks on.

Love Love Love this outfit. James assisted with the styling and did such a great job picking out this top and the one above!

Another Brian S. Masterpiece along with these leather pants below.

Everyone meet Brian himself. Super chill.

Brian trying on a top at the shop.

This is where all the magic happens. These are the talented seamstresses that work to make you all look fabulous.

Great shop!

If you would like to visit The Garment Room, here is the address:



NEW YORK, NY 10012


8 Comments on “The Garment Room

  1. Hey VV! I love everything you have tried on. I’m like so in love with anything vintage. Thank you so much for telling us about this spot. Question..I was wondering what are the price range?

  2. These all kind of prove how every outfit can be like becoming a different character, love ’em x

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