Pride Fair in Queens!!

Today I accompanied my friend Christian at the Pride Fair to show my support. I have known Christian for 10 years and have seen him struggle and prosper with his sexuality to the amazing man he is today. It was only right that I support someone who has a great heart and a great personality and everyone else just like him who deserve to be treated with respect. No one should ever be treated differently because of their sexual preference, love is love.

I wore my Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress with Betsey Johnson heels and paired it with a vintage purse and glasses. My hat is from a Coney Island street fair. 

Twas a windy day!

How amazing is Christians Blazer! He made this! So talented!

Everybody meet Hunny B and Lady Gaga! I have to say I loved their performance than the real thing!


They look like they are having fun….

Nacho Libreeee!



Christian is heavily armed and dangerous!

The only cutie that stole my heart today!

Go head girl!

Love the Queens of Queens!

Good times!


9 Comments on “Pride Fair in Queens!!

  1. I love Pride festivals; they’re so colorful in every way.

    On another note. I need your hair regimen Jas. How have you retained so much length? Details!

  2. J- You look beautiful!!! PS- The cutie that stole your heart? I have the same dog @ home…her name is sadie!!! xx

  3. I really loved your outfit. ESPECIALLY your dress. The yellow is so hot! Go gay pride! 🙂

    P.S. Christian has is going on!

  4. Love Pride Festivals just went to one with my cousin..boy did he enjoy himself wink wink. By the way love your hair length mine is about the same length. But yours seems to have more volume was it the layers?ive been wanting to cut my hair in layers but my sis will not have it (she loves my hair long and straight)because she said it will damage my hair easily. What do you think do layers really damage your hair easily when using hot irons and curlers?Thank you Jasmine.

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