Killah Kida’s B’day Bash!

(Ashton & Kida) 

Last Friday I attended my friend Kida’s birthday party at the gates. I have known this girl for almost 6 years now and she hasn’t changed one bit. Kida is still a rebellious fashionista who makes her own rules and parties like no tomorrow. I wouldn’t have missed her birthday for the world. Kida and her entourage of friends wore amazing sequined outfits and stole the show at the gates. Other birthday girls looked like they wanted to cry when Kida came in with her sequined divas lol. We definitely made the party!


Sequined Entourage and Kida.<3


Kida in her cute dress!

Ashton looking fab!

Mimi looking ADORABLE in this pink sequined outfit and one of my hats!

I love these two girls..such amazing energy. I was a bit tired from my day lol

tall bitches!<3

Sometimes I look like a mean bitch.




Tall bitch. lol

Dance Dance!

our two tables were LIVE!

You deserve lots of wishes and gifts!

After the party, Mimi and I stopped at a Duane Read on the way home to get rehydrated lol. She was clicking away with my camera lol

Good times!!!


5 Comments on “Killah Kida’s B’day Bash!

  1. Fabulous! LOL @ the Duane Reade pic!

    Looks like one of the pics that the gossip mags put under the tag line “Stars: Normal or Not Normal”.

    Vintage Vandal snags a drink at her local Duane Reade in turquoise Christian Louboutins: Normal.

  2. I love her dress in the fourth picture omg! All of the outfits are just amazingg ❤

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