Preview Of my shoot with Alejandro Perez!

photos coming soon!

11 Comments on “Preview Of my shoot with Alejandro Perez!

  1. You are so adorable (i hope that doesn’t sound patronising). There a few moments where you look like a vampire, very cool 🙂

  2. Very kool Jaz. Love the music + colours.

    Heart Shaped Box – how fitting. 😉

  3. Loved it!
    Ruffle my feathers! lol i bet the pics are gonna be AMAZING

  4. These pictures will be AWESOME. I think you should have video for all of your shoots. This video was such a tease! 🙂 I can’t wait to see Alejandro’s work!

  5. Appreciate the good words everyone.
    Jasmin did an incredible job, & soon enough you all will get to see the chemistry and magic that went down in the studio that day.
    Thank you all!


  7. Hi there Jasmine, it is a pleasure to meet you. First off I must say you suprise me on how much you progressed at the age 22 . I am 23 years old just one year older than you but look up to you so so much how did you do it? I have a lot of respect for you this world is very hard to accomplish goals so I can only guess what you have gone thru to get to where you are today. I love your style it has an edge to it which I adore so much because thats how I am as well something different not the same old thing. Well I am glad to have known of your existence and will be keeping in touch with you and your line of clothing( which is supurb by the way).

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