An Artful day at P.S.1

My wonderful friend Elle invited me to PS1 to check out the artwork and I just couldn’t refuse after hearing nothing but good things about this museum. Elle is an artist who’s paintings are full of life and happiness. Many shops all over NY have her artwork on their walls. I love spending time with her, she is such a good person and I always learn so much when I am with her. She is like family and has known me since I was a little girl. We want to visit museums all over NY. Noguchi is the next museum we will visit.

The past few weeks have been so amazing, I have been to so many places I thought never existed or just forgot to visit. I want to spend my entire summer exploring my hometown and other places out-of-state.

PS1 was nothing short of amazing. The aura of that place was amazing. I know this is going to be my new lounge spot where I can get away and be inspired somewhere so close to home. The artwork was awesome, however, a few pieces I just didn’t get. I feel art is a lot like fashion, you can tell when there is no effort involved or if it was forced. I feel some of the art pieces were just for shock value. If I want to see tons of naked pictures of women exploiting themselves, I’d just watch porn. I am aware that art cannot be measured, we all have our opinions of what art is to us. I just know so many people who are such talented artists who work HARD on their craft. THEY should have their work in that place, not someone who paints a dot on a 12$ canvas they bought at Michaels. They also had 2 guys in leotards trying to dance ballet. I was like, really? This is ART? Hey that’s just my opinion. I guess it’s just based on who you know. One piece that stood out to me out of everything was Rashaad Newsome’s multimedia installation. YOU HAVE TO VISIT THE MUSEUM AND SEE IT. Rashaad’s ability to create music and mix it with a collage of hip hop video clips was absolutely amazing. I sat there wondering if he DJ’d for a living with his videos playing in the background. If not I want a CD! It was a thought-provoking genre of clips that made us sit through the whole thing. I loved many of the artist’s work there but I didn’t get many of their names. There were amazing photos of exhibitionism in NY on the 3rd floor that I fell in love with too. This museum was awesome. I am excited for what’s to come, I am going to continue to visit for events and new art.

Elle! Love her!

I got my PS1 sticker! Ready-set-go!

I wore a Betsey Johnson Dress 🙂

They should build a swimming pool under this thing.

Loved the people here!

These are the only photos I was able to take in the museum. They don’t allow pictures. :/

PS1 in 1900, AMAZING.

the cute little cafe there.

I loved these sets of photographs.

Elle and I being silly lol

5 points is just right across the street! Score!

Good times!


5 Comments on “An Artful day at P.S.1

  1. looks amazing i really need to stop by there funny thing is im always at 5pointz and i never really venture out to that side of the street , lol

    and yeah since A&D you’ve been short little lady

  2. LOL You’re right. You’re supercalifragilisticespyalidocious(sp?) tiny. Thanks for mentioning Elle. I’m off to browse the link you mentioned featuring her work.

  3. Nice to see you and Elle spending time together at such amazing places that are right in your own neighborhood. Elle is an amazing woman and great artist.

  4. I definitely need to visit PS 1. Always wanted to go there. XD

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