Style Icon: My Mother.

This woman right here is my mother. She is the reason why I am who I am today. Growing up I looked up to my mother, I still look up to her. She always had impeccable style and an amazing personality that demanded the attention of every room. Her red lipstick, shaved head, leather jackets, cat eye glasses, and pitch black hair gave her a unique look of her own. I am a mash-up of everything my mother was/is. She was bold, fearless, determined, smart, funny, talented, and god the woman could DANCE. My mother had such a cool childhood and I always love to hear her stories. My mother’s name is Wanda but everyone calls her Frenchy. If you ever ask her why they call her Frenchy she will tell you it’s because she was a serial french kisser. My mother was (excuse my language) fucking BAD. She used to be a part of this dance crew called the “Force Ten crew”. They would all hang out with African Bambaataa and dance there lives away. My mother often speaks about her battles between other dancers and how good she was at winning lol. Her charisma and sex appeal was a threat to many women but my mother was never the victim as she always tells me how she was kind of bully lol. All in all my mother had “HEART”, she was a free spirit and still is till this day. She met my father when she was 16, she is still married to him till this day. My dad, along with my grand father were NOTORIOUS for being the fastest street racers in NYC. My dad always had a new hot rod and was always in for the thrill of racing. Hence my love for old cars, I can thank him for exposing me to that. He had an addiction to speed (not the drug) and I do too. They got married and were unstoppable. I have such awesome parents and without them I don’t know who I would be today.

Ahead of her time!

Cat eyed glasses, LOVE!

lil devil!

Omg how cute is this outfit!?

My mother would have eaten a T-Bird up for dinner!

Look at her gloves!


30 Comments on “Style Icon: My Mother.

  1. So, let me ask you, mamacita. This is awesome. You are bad; your mama was bad. How do you manage to do this with so much confidence while still maintaining your ladyness? If you don’t mind me asking. 🙂

    • I think my mother and I are just naturally rebellious to what society tells us we should be, dress, act, and etc. You can be confident, rebellious, a force to be reckoned with while still being a lady. I dont know how, I’m just a product of my environment, maybe I should ask my mom lol 😉


  2. OMG your mother is RIDICULOUS! i can see where you get your looks and style from. some of those pics look like it was just taken last week, you both are amazing!

  3. I see where you inherited your beauty AND style! She was and still is bad, seriously, what is her secret? She has aged so gracefully.
    second picture after the cut (where she is wearing all white) looks exactly like you, have you ever considered cutting your hair this short?

  4. Jasmin i love these pics of your mom, yes she was a bad mama jammer and still is,she was and still is one of my bestest friends and i’m so glad to have finally get in touch with her, I guess that’s why i like you soo much your just like that remarkable lady i know today,fashionista!!! I love it and i miss my friend dearly,yes she is also known a Frenchy but she will always be Wandy to me,i’m a little old school and i have known her since i can remember i guess before she was known as Frenchy,lol

  5. Thank you Jasmin for the post. I wish that we had digital camera’s when we were younger. I would have captured so many great moments as you have today. I would also rather grow up during the ’70,s and 80’s. We had so much more fun back then. It’s funny because back then when I had my Mohawk everyone made fun of me, now everyone wants one. When I dressed in all black and was into “Punk”, I was considered a freak. I never left it bother me and I am glad that you have your own stylye and imagination and don’t care what anyone thinks of you. Yes, you do remind me so much of me and it gives me great pleasure to watch you get all dressed up and walk out that door. I loved to play dress up with you as a kid and love the way you turned out. Don’t ever change or give up what you like for anyone. Continue to do what you love most “dress up”, and continue to make your self happy. At the end thats what makes my day and thats all that counts. Love you and thank you everyone for your comments and the love and support you have for my daughter.

  6. Such an amazing post! The apple never falls far from the tree, & you both are amazingly beautiful & your confidence & independence shine like a beacon of hope! Xoxoxo steph

  7. WOW! I remember those days I also remember that haircut ur mother had in the first photo…u and her r so much alike, everyone loved her style too growing up…The apple don’t fall to far from the tree… Jasmin u r so talented i love ur website :)…

  8. You are making me go on a journey to find some old pictures of my mom, may she rest in piece… my mother was FLY back in the day too… thanks for posting this… your mom is AWESOME and so are YOU!

  9. This has to be one of THE BEST posts you’ve put ever up up, hands DOWN! I didn’t want the pictures of your mother to end! :o( Please post up more if there are any.. she was fabulous! LOL You are very lucky to have all these photos of her at that age.. I only have about a handful and they make me feel about my mother the way you feel about yours, that they are SPECTACULAR! lol It’s crazy how much of yourself you find in them isn’t it? Anyway, cherish those photos because they are your history as well, your mother is in you forever and some day it will be the same for you.. big ups to all the bad ass mommas out there!!! :o) Fantastic post V.V.!! *clap, clap!*

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  11. That was real nice what u said about ur mom
    U really tropes her to the fullest and gave me a somewhat small sense of her character to me even me feel like I knew her personally besides what I can remember from so long ago…well done I know she smiling at u right now…love…kgr.

  12. This is one of your Greatest Post ever!
    Your Mom is epic awesome!
    And so are you!

    PS – loved what your mom wrote :’)

    She got style and she’s super BAD! XD love it!

  13. Very cool post! Damn did THE Kool G Rap actually make a comment? lol

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  15. i’m soooo glad i had the opportunity to meet your mom here in Vegas. i had a blast talking to her. hope she comes down with you again for VLV15!!!

    your mom was/is hardcore!!! I can only hope i end up the type of father to my daughter as your mom was/is to you!!

    much love



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