Coney island Beach day!

[These Monk’s (or whatever they are) were awesome! ]

Photos by: Moi 😉

Today I had a photo shoot for A.U.D.R.A, an amazing new online magazine that my friend Danielle created. My friend Danielle is such a talented writer, she was in the running of becoming one of Alicia Keys bloggers. The photographer of the shoot was this ADORABLE woman named Mari who is also a very talented jewelry designer. I will be attending one of her pop up shops sometime this week. After we wrapped up the shoot I invited my friend Mimi to accompany me through out the rest of my day at Coney Island. Danielle also came with us and we had such a great time. It’s nice to have some estrogen in my life every once in a while, especially these ladies. I love them so much.

Danielle and Mimi hanging out.

Mimi Mermaid!

Danielle always looks so cute and stylish when I see her..Girl never has a bad day.


The beach was reasonably clean..I was shocked.

Then I saw my good friend Elle and we went to a park around my neighborhood.

I love this woman, she has such a good heart and soul. Please check out her paintings here!

Great day!


6 Comments on “Coney island Beach day!

  1. How was the new revamp Coney Island?? I need to go over there. Get some Nathans and chill on the beach.
    Loved the pix Jazzy.

  2. so mad i haven’t gotten in the sun all week. hell mustve froze over. i may just soak it all up in cali and not even go indoors at the convention lol.

  3. Greetings to Danielle! Hello again, Mimi!

    J, I love the fedora! Is this another vintage find or did you score it from the Coney Island hat man (yes, I remember that post from last year!)?

  4. What an incredible day that was! We always have such a good time. Great flicks too! I just sent you the proofs from the shoot. Can’t wait to hang again!

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