NEW at Karen Millen!

As most of you may know, Karen Millen is one of my favorite dress designers. Karen Millen went from creating t-shirts to blouses to creating a whole entire line dedicated to a womans silhouette and sexuality. Everything at the Karen Millen shop fits well and has just enough sex appeal to have guys howling two blocks down. I often visit the shop and I often try not to shop but I can never help myself. I just visited the store today and I nearly died when I saw part of the new collection. Here are my favorites!

This is the summer suede dress, I love how It looks like you are wearing cement. Cement never looked so good at $850. (pricey šŸ˜¦ )

Draped Jersey Jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits and the shape and draping of this one gives a hipless woman some curves! I don’t need curves but I wouldn’t mind emphasizing mine at $199!

The Corsetry dress. Who doesn’t love a greatly tailored corseted dress? who doesn’t love one in powder pink. I need this at $350.

Marble Print Maxi Dress. I am all about really good prints, I love how this dress is long and the print is nice and summer-y. $630

metallic crochet dress. Karen Millen is known for great tailoring and amazing abstract knits. This dress explains it all at $299

Rose Print Prom Dress. I would wear this to do grocery shopping, forget a prom! How cute is this dress? I love the bow and the belt at the waist. $250

Floral Applique dress. You all know this one is my FAVORITE. Self explanatory. $380Visit the Karen Millen Shop now!


4 Comments on “NEW at Karen Millen!

  1. Let me start out my saying, your blog is fabulous!

    And thankyou so much for posting this designer! God I love that rose print “grocery shopping” dress :3

  2. O.M.G. They are all amazing, but the butterfly one! SWOON! Well, I guess I’m off to browse Karen’s site. I’ll send you the bill.

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