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Motel Rocks is a British brand that Is causing a bit of a commotion all over parts of the world like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and many places all around Europe. Motel Rocks is a versatile brand that caters to any type of girl from the rock and rollers to retro queens and Avant Garde divas to vintage flower childs. If you want to revamp your entire wardrobe Motel Rocks has got every thing you need to be in style. MR has amazing dresses, tops, jump suits, skirts, shorts, and knitwear. You can find celebrities like Lilly Allen, Peaches Geldof, Duffy, and little boots wearing Motel Rocks. They absolutely love it and I know you will too!

Motel Rocks just sent me this amazing backless Hawaiian dress that fits like a glove. I absolutely adore this dress and it is so comfortable and sexy I can now call it my grab-and-go dress. It goes perfectly with my turquoise Louboutins that have been sitting in my closet because the color is impossible. Thank you MR for making it possible for me to wear these babies!

[To purchase this dress click here]

They also sent me this really cute blue dress that has an A-lined skirt attached to it. I love the blue and white color scheme, its perfect for a walk at the beach. It is as comfortable as the Hawaiian dress above, another grab and go dress with pockets!! I can live in Motel Rocks! 

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Here are some items I know you viewers will love, taken directly from the Motel Rocks website. FREE SHIPPING to the US!





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Free Shipping to the US!


4 Comments on “MOTEL ROCKS!

  1. I love Motel. I found out about them VIA Karmaloop about a year ago and I’ve been buying a piece (or two) everytime they release a new line. LOVE LOVE LOVE Motel!

  2. Sweet. Affordable and cute. You look great! I’ve been wondering when the turquoise Louboutins would make their debut!

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