Get Beautified!


I am a DIY girl, that means I do my own hair, my own makeup, and even my own nails. It saves me a ton of money and I am pretty good at grooming myself. However, sometimes its nice to have someone do it for you, I mean…There is nothing like getting your nails and your hair done. I feel like such a girl when people do my hair and nails for me, weird, I know. Anyway, I was initially supposed to go to “Hello Beautiful” for my nails today but they were booked so I went to a nail salon in my neighborhood called Athena’s. I’ve been dying to get red cat claws for a while now and I finally did! Athena’s did a great job despite taking forever to finish, either that, or I’m just too impatient. I swear..I dont know how women can do this every two weeks. I was begging for it to be over. Overall the outcome was worth it!

After my nails I was off to Patricia Fields to get my hair done by my friend Flame who is the master of hair coloring. I was having my friend Andrea (love her!) meet me so we can run off to see SATC but I never made it because my hair took a while :(. Its cool, I’m going to go with Andrea another day (she hasnt seen it:/). It’s not everyday that I get my hair done anyway. I have been dying to have Flame cut and color my hair for a while now and today I finally got the chance.  I was initially going to go red but I needed something more appropriate for the work place so I went for blue-black. These pics do my hair no justice but in person you can see the blue tints. It’s not that big of a makeover but my hair is definitely better black. It looks black in photos but it’s really an auburn color as you can see above. Flames Assistant Domenique assisted flame with my hair, I absolutely loved them both. They did such a good job! Thank you boys!<3


Love these guys!

Where’s my red lipstick!?

My friend Andrea, isn’t she cute with her little NY briefcase?

See I was prepared for fleet week. Think I’ll hook me a sailor?

A walk in the park after my long day. Rex was so excited.

My momma, looking so cute in her yellow dress!

I love her..<3

Good yet exhausting day!

9 Comments on “Get Beautified!

  1. Just wanted to say I enjoy your posts. You are a truly lovely lady. Thanks for the good read!

  2. Amazing new color looks fab. Inspiring outfit, nails could not look any better. Good job!

  3. REX!!!!! Lmao – he totally stole the show on this one, lol Little stinker! (You look beautiful woman!)

  4. I hear you. I’m impatient and when I’ve gotta get my hair/nails done, if it takes too longe my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder kicks in to HIGH gear.

    I was thinking you’d go red (!! so anxious for that look), but the blueblack look looks amazing, too. It’s so fortunate that you have made connections with some stellar people. Flame did his thang!

    Aw! Hey, Mama V.V! You look great!


  5. DIY is the best…can you imagine the money people waste every 2 weeks on keep-up?? i like the blue/blk too….blk hair always looks really healthy and shiny!

  6. heyyy girl! i love your hair it looks so good!!
    I get my nails like that too! I always have to tell them make them pointy rounded!! haha
    LOve the dress and the sailor earrings, too Cute luv ya girl bye!!! u inspire me!!

  7. your mom looks like she is just one of your girlfriends. that is so awesome. y’all are fab.

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