Carnival and SATC!

The other night while Christian and I were out at the Patricia Field SATC party we ran into Amanda Lepore. She was so sweet and invited us to this place called Carnival. I swear to you all, I died and went straight to heaven when I stepped into this place. Who knew such a place even existed in NY!!! Oh my, I have to get out more. After looking at the website and being in total awe of the interior of the venue, I decided I wanted to be a ring leader in a hot pink Betsey Johnson dress. It was so hot out and I didn’t even care. The stockings were the inspiration behind this outfit. Christian wore hot pink pants that he made with a leopard top, we complimented each other so well coincidentally! It was good to have our mutual friend Patricia join us at carnival, she looked like a Hawiian Barbie.

After Carnival we rushed to the theater to see Sex and the City at midnight! Patricia couldn’t come and went home :(. Christian had an extra ticket so I invited my friend Seth to come along, he didn’t mind, as he was casted in the first movie! Too bad I don’t have any pics of him; next time! I wont give away the details of the movie! All I will say is “GOOD TIMES!”

How fabulous is this guy? Hes such a beauty!
Patricia and Christian!
lots of naked faeries every where! Loved it!


look at this cool
Queen V!
Pretty Pretty Princess!
King Queen Christian!

Ok so this queen was my favorite of the night. FIERCE! I love both of them. BOTH!

har har!
just like a circus!
you go girl!
gay for pay! SO Hot!
even his stash is cute.
my husband trying to win me a teddy. 🙂
work it!
my turn >;-)~
They call him Christian-Crazy-Legs. lmao!
Zombie kitten!
Christian is scurred!
Patty likes half dead guys.


Sex and  the city!




11 Comments on “Carnival and SATC!

  1. Yo that place is AMAZING! I took my fiancee there for her birthday! I won her two stuff toys on the water balloon game. I def gotta go there again it was fun. Maybe next im gonna pay that dunk tank game. LoL! You looked AMAZING as always Ms. Rodriguez!

  2. your “gay for pay’ was so damn hot. love the gays. lol. the hot pink dress looked fabulous, we’re all living vicariously through you!xo

  3. Looks like a spectacular place…you have no choice but to have fun. Only in NYC.

    I am loving the Betsy Johnson dress…especially because its pink (lol)


  4. Christian’s twinkle toes shoes are the equivalent of your Dolce spike shoes: a wardrobe stable!

    Ps. Where was Amanda?!

  5. Christian is so cute. I ❤ him!! I need to find me a Christian friend! Lol

  6. Glad to see you exploring new places. This place looks amazing. I definately have to join you next time. Love the way you and Chris matched. Too cute…and the pictures are great.

  7. Jaz, u rock! nice pics. looks like a very cool place to hang. Maybe i will stop by with ur mom.
    Take care and keep them coming. 🙂

  8. Where did you get those lovely striped tights?

    That place looks super-fun!

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