M.I.S.S. TV: Follow the Leader, Episode #1–Vintage Vandalizm

A few months ago M.I.S.S interviewed me for their website. It was my first ever video shoot where I was being interviewed on camera as opposed to modeling so I was a little nervous. Here is a snippet of the article and very first episode featuring moi, I hope you all like it!<3

In the debut episode of our new webseries, Follow the Leader, M.I.S.S. introduces you to Vintage Vandalizm. A New York native, Vintage Vandalizm is a stylist and artist who interprets the delicate art of the pin-up in her day-to-day style. Posting outfits daily on her blog, the brunette with Betty Page inspired bangs draws most of her inspiration from representations of women from the 1940s and 50s, peppering her look with edgy and modern compliments to create an aesthetic for only the bravest of the fashion forward.

Be heard!

Click here to be directed to the whole story on M.I.S.S!


12 Comments on “M.I.S.S. TV: Follow the Leader, Episode #1–Vintage Vandalizm

  1. You did an awesome job Jas! Loved it! Keep on keeping on!

    Def great move on the interview– gives your readers a more in touch view of you right from your own mouth.


  2. That was dope! You didn’t appear nervous at all. Love it….. 🙂

  3. Loved it! You are as adorable in motion as you are in still-frame.

  4. The video was awesome, the way you carried yourself was what I enjoyed most. You said you was nervious but the way you spoke and presented your style was strong and humble. It was Great vv!! :-).

  5. You sound different to what i thought you would, i suppose that’s on odd thing to say lol. Great interview 🙂 x

  6. Great interview Jazzy! XD
    I finally got to see it. lol had technical difficulties.
    amazing cant wait to see you on film again.
    Your style always stunning & amazingly awesome, continue doing what you are doing. I see nothing but HUGE things for you in the near future XD

  7. it’s so nice to hear you! great interview!
    I agree with Jade, you sound different than from what I imagined 🙂

  8. You were a pro and most too adorable, I hope you liked what we put together! xoxoxo

  9. Heyyyy! You got that New York accent that I love! Yes, I know there are different NYC accents, but an unknowingly California girl like me does not know the difference yet.

    1. You’re cute.
    2. I need one of those flower corsage/necklaces
    3. Those Dolce spike shoes are most definitely your babies. I’m telling you need to create a blog or tag just for those beauties!
    4. I’m so glad M.I.S.S. TV decided to interview and feature a true lady, friend and stylist.

    You are beautiful both inside and out and I hope you gain MORE exposure from this video!

    Have a great Friday, get some rest, and enjoy your weekend!

  10. I’m with Jade, you do sound very different that what I expected. I guess I expected some Marilyn “Hello Mr. President” type of voice, lol.

    You are so cute!

    Why aren’t you a celeb stylist yet? You’d blow that Rachel Zoe out of the water!

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