Betsey Johnson Taco Tuesday & Patricia Field SATC Disco Soiree!

A few days ago I was invited to 2 parties on the same night! One was a Betsey Johnson Charity event at the Hudson Terrace and the other was a Patricia Field Disco Sex & the City Soiree. I couldn’t choose so I did both! I had my lovely amazing friend Christian accompany me because lets face it, he is always good company. So first we were off to the Hudson Terrace which we absolutely LOVED. Literally, after the first 5 minutes of getting in, we were already on the dance floor. It was awesome to see some of my Betsey Johnson girls there, I love them so much. We danced with the skyline watching over us, took pictures, and went on our way to the Pat Field party.

More details inside.

See that white sequined scarf looking thing? it doubles as a scarf and a hoodie, designed by Christian himself.

I wore one of the outfits from one of my Vintage Finds posts. When a last-minute invite pops up, I gotta think quick!

Christian getting down!

I love our Polaroid!

Patricia Field Disco SATC Soiree!

When we arrived at the Patricia Fields party, we were in awe of the venue. It was absolutely stunning. Not only was the venue amazing, but the fashion and crowd were amazing too! It was nice to see some of the swimwear that will be in Sex and the City 2, I wanted to take some home with me!

Christian and Amanda Lepore. Isn’t she fabulous!

The Pat Field crew!


See his jacket? pure greatness, so is his stash.

Men in corsets, women in corsets, everyone excepted!

Cranberry and Tonic. I kinda love it as a non-drinker.

Twinkle toes and twinkling bottles!

He and everyone else at the venue loveeed Christian’s shoes.

Jason and Flame-love them! Flame you are sooooo hot as a blond ❤ lmao

Flower power.

Loved her outfit!

Christian and Philippe, isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Giant giraffes, animals galore, swimsuits everywhere!

My favorite bathing suit of the collection.


I love bumping into old friends.<3

Get wild on the dance floor!

A fun shoot. How could we not? this place was beautiful!

AMAZING times!

There’s more to come!


9 Comments on “Betsey Johnson Taco Tuesday & Patricia Field SATC Disco Soiree!

  1. Oh my. All the, what can I describe it as, ‘panache’, lol, KILLS me. Both parties looked like such fun!
    Go you girl, do the damn thing. 🙂 xo

  2. So you are like my new style icon. Period.

    And I’m so jealous of you right now! Both parties look rad and I’m definitely an Amanda Lepore fan! 🙂

  3. Wow, talk about one heck of a smash up!! BJ and Pat Field in one night = Priceless!

  4. Glad you and Christian had such a great time. Its nice to see you two spending more time together again. Don’t know how you do it though, working all day and then two events in one night. “You go girl! Thats the way you should enjoy your life. Have all your fun while your young cause there’s nothing better than looking back at all the great memories when your older”.

  5. lmaoooo Christian wasworking that scarf..
    I esp loved the shot with him laying it out!!
    Im so mad I couldn’t come BOOO WORK!
    And thanks for stopping by my store to rub it in my face I HATE YOU jk kidding, love u… Looking fab as always…


  6. WOW! Looks like you had an AMAZING & AWESOME time that night! GREAT pix!

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