A day in the life…

Ok so today was the most amazing day ever..ok so maybe I said that yesterday and maybe the day before that… I am sorry world, but I have been having way too much fun to pay attention to my blog. I’ve realized over the past few days how much my blog means to me, it is my baby. However, it is a gift and a curse because I am constantly running home to do posts, not anymore. Ever feel like you don’t own your things and that your things own you? Well this is one of those cases and I have cut the ball and chain that has attached me to the internet world. This does not mean I am going to ignore my blog completely, this just means posts will be more sporadic, all at once or spaced out more than usual. Or you might see me fade out a little but rest assure I will be back to bring you lots of fashion and adventure.

Anyway..Back to my day. I got off of work early and headed to Agent Provocateur to try on their new swimwear line and left with an itty-bitty-teeny-weeny-cute-and-sexy pinup bikini. It is sooo cute! It has naughty pinup stamps all over it. Then I was off to see my friend Christian whom I invited to a Betty Dodson event at Kiki De Montparnasse. Before we visited Kiki we stopped by Bebe to see my friend Mimi who is absolutely fabulous. This girl is sass and class all in one, I absolutely love her. After we said hello and had a little sit down we were off to the event. The art work was amazing, the chocolate covered strawberries were delicious, the champagne was exquisite, and the presentation was awesome. After that we went for a walk around the city and ended up at Artichoke pizza. YES, I KNOW IM ADDICTED TO THIS PLACE. I am. I have to admit it, they even know my name there. It’s all Derek’s fault.

Tall bitch. Bite sized.

Mimi Loubou!

Christian and I, how many years have we known each other? 10? WHOA. You’re still my favorite Faerie!

Work it~!

Crotch shot! lmao!

Who doesn’t love a daring fashionisto? Your so crazy I love it!

This was when my camera died..so sad..

good times!

8 Comments on “A day in the life…

  1. Awww! Christian reminds me of one of my good friends in San Francisco–I had to do a double take! He looks fierce!

  2. Chandra…your the best. You never forget to leave a comment on Jasmin’s blogs. Its people like you that keep her motivated to write, when people stop commenting you start to lose interest. There are so many people who view her blog but are afraid to comment. You are definately one of those people that she appreciates ….keep motivating her.

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