Fun at the Central park zoo!

Today was a perfect day for a walk in Central park, and who better to spend my time with other than my family. My new work schedule allows me to do so and it has been such a blessing, let me tell you. lol.

I wore an Erin Fetherston for Target jacket, Betsey Johnson puff shorts, Rodarte for Target leggings, Betsey Johnson lace booties, and a Jaxton Victorian top hat. It was the stockings that inspired the outfit and brought it all together. Sometimes I find inspiration in one piece and I build an outfit around it. My bag is by an artist, but I forgot her name. I bought it at the Viva Las Vegas convention last year. I hope they will have some at the Ink and Iron convention this year.

Central park was wonderful, we went to the zoo and sat by the pond to watch boats. I took great pictures of the animals at the zoo and as we sat by the pond a few turtles crept out of the water to say hello. It was such a relaxing beautiful day with my family. I loved it.

look its my husband!

My lovely Grandmother

My sister is so cute! Look at her outfit!


I love my momma.

When I was little I would love it when the clock struck 12 and the animals would dance around it. Still do.


My kind of people! lol

This is one of my favorite spots in Central Park.

We are renting boats next time!

How cute are these turtles!

My momma and I<3

How cute is she! It was her 21st birthday and she was channeling Audrey Hepburn via Breakfast at Tiffany’s! I had to take a picture of her and her mother, they were adorable!

I love it when people get creative with fashion! They were so sweet!

Good times!


10 Comments on “Fun at the Central park zoo!

  1. 1. Your sister needs a blog.
    2. As soon as I saw the pic of the green/gold man, I thought, “hahaha That’s Jasmin’s man” then I saw that you titled it “my husband” ha!
    3. Your mom has great hair.
    4. Your hair has a reddish tint! Awesome!
    5. Yay! Granny V.v. made another guest appearance.

    That is all! Glad you had a great day!

  2. You always have the best posts. These pics are great and what a spectacular day. Your family is so beautiful, too! Have a weekend my dear!

  3. Damn J you’re really dressed up for the zoo! You are truly in your own world!

  4. LOVE your sisters outfit!
    you’re not so bad yourself Jasmin, hehe 🙂
    style and beauty runs in the family

  5. Lesposh might have designed that bag. I have one similar. Go on her FB she has awesome stuff there :-)) ps you are awesome!!

  6. OK! I was going through some of your old posts and this is my absolute FAV! The fact that you’re at the zoo ALL dolled up is Crazy and I LOVE IT! :0) Your world seems like so much fun.

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