Vintage Finds: Vintage Hat lot!

Whenever I go on ebay, instead of paying $20 for just one vintage hat, I go for hat lots that usually sell more than one vintage hat for not even half of what it would usually go for if the hats were sold individually. If you go to ebay and search “Vintage Hat lot” you will see a variety of sellers willing to sell you tons of hats for super cheap! I won 15 hats the other day and only paid $40 dollars, that’s usually the price of 2 hats. What I love about hat lots is also that you never know what you are going to get, pictures do the hats no justice. I received the hats and boy was it a treasure because after I tried them on they were even better than I thought! The person who sold it to me also sent me a pair of sheer white gloves that are to die for! Here are the hats. They are all from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.

This white one is decorated with flowers around the brim..So cute for a beach or park outing.

This one has so much character, I love the colors and the big rose in the back. So cute!

This ones a beauty. The ribbon and yellow floral decor definitely do the job.

How cute is this lavender hat! The netting was torn because it’s so old but I still love it!

This one is definitely an original piece, the colors and polka dot details on the netting definitely make a statement.

This one will go perfectly with my beige dresses!


Now all I need is a faux fur Bill Blass Barbie coat!

L-L-Love this one!
Love that this one is like a cap!

This one’s my favorite!

My mellow yellow hat with feather detail.

Someone get me a pink tulle tutu!

I feel like a pimp in this one. lmao!

Love these gloves!



4 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Vintage Hat lot!

  1. I think my fav is definitely the Red one with the Polka dots. The pink one with the rose is uber CUTE XD

  2. love them. great finds! can’t wait to see what amazing outfits you pair these with. how do you store your fabulous hats?

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