Leather and Lace at Juliet!

Yesterday night my island girl Christa and I reunited and headed straight to Juliet. We partied HARD last summer and its only right that we get a head start this year. We had so much fun, as always. Juliet has become one of my favorite places to party, I can go there on any night and have such a great time.

Island Queen!

I was inspired by vampires with this outfit, I wanted lace, spikes, and fierce eyes..Made it happen.

The romper is Betsey Johnson and the shoes are Dolce & Gabanna.

Jo Shmo! You were such a wonderful host! Thank you for having us!

Christa dancing up a storm.

after dancing for what felt like 4 hours..I had to take a breather. lol

Kiss Kiss!

Like my Cranberry juice? Yeah..I dont drink.

Christa getting low!

Good times!


11 Comments on “Leather and Lace at Juliet!

  1. Hot!

    And speaking about Vampires. I saw your AP bikini on True Blood, the other day. Loved your bikini, jumpsuit and red pumps-outfit 🙂

  2. you girlies are so cute!! love your outfit and shoes *droolz* 🙂

  3. Your outfit is on point (love the romper) of course, but I’m sending love ’cause you don’t drink! 🙂 Glad you had fun!

    Ps. You should totally create a tag on your blog for your D&G Spike heels.

  4. You look gorgeous! Love your outfit, make-up and everything! Oh and also I want your hair!!! 🙂

  5. Go girls! You & Christa must’ve been the sexiest in the spot!

  6. Jasmin, You have a dire need for ME in your life but you dont know it yet… Not even making jokes… We’d be the only good team 🙂 and take on the world king and queen…. We must meet asap…

    Drop me an email to satistfy the curiousity I just planted in your brainnzzz lol. I wouldnt bother if I didnt know I was right for you, and you for me 😛

    Random enough? Muwahahahahaha….


  7. 😉

    one day we will meet 😛 Its meant to be….Blame Indie, I saw you on her Blog and asked about youuuuuuu… yikes…. Im all distracted now…


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